The lower Northwest District is Portland’s invisible capital of bike commuting

by on April 13th, 2016 at 4:38 pm

In some metro areas, bike commuting is nearing the scale of transit commuting

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Annual city survey is latest to show Portlanders biking more, driving less

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Progress for Portland: Surge of 5,000 new bike commuters brings city rate to 7%

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As Portland’s biking stagnation continues, it faces an unfamiliar problem: more congestion

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Portland’s housing supply still isn’t keeping up with population, but it’s falling behind more slowly

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Multnomah County car registration is down 8% since 2007, and isn’t rebounding

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Census shows big leaps for biking in a few cities, but Portland inches backward

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Ask BikePortland: What if all of Portland’s bikers decided to drive for one day?

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Nice new online maps show biking rates by neighborhood

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