Full wrap-up from BikeCraft: Thanks for another great show!

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BikeCraft VI -58

BikeCraft is over (sniff, sniff).
(Photos © J. Maus)

I realize I’m slightly biased, but I think our sixth annual BikeCraft went extremely well. We had a steady flow of pleasant crowds all weekend, new vendors that raised eyebrows, lots of sales, and most importantly everyone seemed to have a great time (even if it they did so while wearing gloves, scarves, jackets and hats — it was cold!).

Before I get into some vendor and product highlights, I want to thank everyone that helped us make it possible:

  • BikePortland sales and business manager Jonathan “JR” Reed (once again) did a stellar job putting it all together. (Seriously, I wasn’t really much help at all.)
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More photos from Day One of BikeCraft

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BikeCraft VI -92

Jess and Kronda scored new
belts from Cycle Dog.
– Slideshow Below –

Day one of BikeCraft is in the books. Below are the rest of the photos from the show floor. If you missed the action today — or if you didn’t get to see everything and need to come back — we’ll be open tomorrow (Sunday, 12/5) from 10:00 to 6:00 at 15 NE Hancock. You can see the second batch of photos in the gallery or in the slideshow below…

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Video: The BTA Carolers with “O Come All Ye Bicyclists”

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BikeCraft VI -77

BTA members and staff singing
“O Come All Ye Bicyclists.”
– Watch the video below. –

One of the many treats at Day One of BikeCraft was a performance by the BTA Carolers. Our friends from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (with help from Steph Routh of the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition), warmed up the venue with a performance of holiday songs. I snapped a quick video of their very fun rendition of “O Come all ye Faithful.” Listen to the lyrics to see how they added a bit of bikey flair…

Stay tuned for more photos and coverage from BikeCraft. We’re very excited for another day of vendors, music, treats, and holiday cheer. Join us tomorrow (Sunday) from 10:00 – 6:00 at 15 NE Hancock (one block north of Broadway/Williams). Stay tuned for full photo gallery from today and be sure to check our Twitter updates for snapshots from the vendor action today (and more tomorrow!).

BikeCraft is on: Here’s what you’re missing

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BikeCraft VI-13

It’s huge! It’s fun! It’s happening
right now!
– Slideshow Below –
(Photos © J. Maus)

The 6th annual BikeCraft holiday gift fair is up and running. Below is a sampling of the amazing arts, crafts, and gifts that are on display. We are here all weekend (15 NE Hancock, north of Broadway off of N. Williams) from 10am to 6pm. In addition to lots of cool goods and people and holiday cheer, we also have beer from Hopworks, kettle corn from Pedal Kettle, soup from Soupcycle, treats and eats from Whole Foods, and much more…

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A few last-minute notes about BikeCraft

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Nice huh? See more from Portland-based
Truce Designs at BikeCraft (Sunday only).

I’m about to head down to 15 NE Hancock to help JR and a crew of volunteers put the finishing touches on the BikeCraft venue (the big event starts tomorrow at 10:00 am). Before I sign off for the day, I wanted to share a few final notes…

New Vendors!
— Local bag maker Truce Designs. Luke’s bags are made from recycled materials (like old sails) and they have a waterproof “floating drop liner” which make them great for biking in Portland. NOTE: Truce will only be vending on Sunday.

— Also coming out to share his skills is John “Dutch” Paglia of Body by Bike (Facebook link). Dutch is a chiropractor who makes house calls and offers mobile bodycare from his tall bike. He’ll be giving free, 10 minute massages throughout the day.

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A few reasons you don’t want to miss BikeCraft this weekend

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BikeCraft IV-58

This pretty much sums up BikeCraft.
(Photos © J. Maus)

This weekend is our 6th annual BikeCraft holiday gift fair and you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t come and check it out.

For the first time, we’ll have the doors open for two days to accomodate your busy schedule. Swing by 15 NE Hancock (just north of Broadway and right off Williams) anytime this weekend between 10 am and 6pm to be a part of the BikeCraft magic. As if you needed more convincing, I’ve prepared a short list of why you should be there…

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A few late, great additions to BikeCraft

BikeCraft just keeps getting better and better. We’re very excited for this weekend as the venue (former Dept. of Skateboarding indoor skatepark at 15 NE Hancock), the vendors, and all the other details are coming together beautifully.

I’ll be posting more about BikeCraft throughout the week, but right now I want to update on what will likely be our final batch of new vendors…

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Who’s coming to BikeCraft? (Vendor list so far)

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Inner tube necklace by Barbi Touron.

If you’re not excited for BikeCraft yet, you should be! This is going to be a monumental gathering of bicycle-inspired artisans that you will not want to miss. We just announced sign-ups last week and we already have about 30 or so vendors. (Note: We are still accepting registrations!).

Below is a list of who has signed up so far (along with their description of their products):

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Meet Your Maker: Headbadge crafter Laura Crawford

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[Note: We announced vendor sign-ups for BikeCraft just last week, and we’ve already got over 30 amazing artisans ready to share their creations with you. This is the first in our Meet Your Maker series of BikeCraft vendors that will give you a closer look at the makers behind the products. The audio slideshow below was created by new BikePortland contributor Russ Roca.]

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BikeCraft is coming… Are you ready?!

BikeCraft V-113

A scene from 2009 BikeCraft.

Some very super big news from BikePortland Headquarters… The sixth annual BikeCraft holiday gift bazaar is set for December 4th and 5th and our new venue this year is the Portland Design Works Mothership at 15 NE Hancock.

We’re really excited about this year’s event. We’ve got a brand new venue (a new space just off N. Williams bikeway and one block north of Broadway that was formerly the Department of Skateboarding skatepark), we’re open for business two full days, and we’ve got some very talented new artisans to share with you.

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