Who’s coming to BikeCraft? (Vendor list so far)

Inner tube necklace by Barbi Touron.

If you’re not excited for BikeCraft yet, you should be! This is going to be a monumental gathering of bicycle-inspired artisans that you will not want to miss. We just announced sign-ups last week and we already have about 30 or so vendors. (Note: We are still accepting registrations!).

Below is a list of who has signed up so far (along with their description of their products):

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BikeCraft 2010 Vendor List (as of 11/16)

Domenika Randonich / Whipstitch Wares
The Tricera Top Tube Pad, the only top tube pad that stows your tools while protecting your frame and adding some pop to your ride! Plus they’re hand made, local and sustainable. Cheers and Gears!

Max Kirchoff / Tress by Bike
Trees by Bikes is gearing up for their second year. They’ll be taking sign-ups for holiday tree deliveries and will share Christmas ornaments made from recycled bicycle parts. i.e. snowflake chainlinks, cogs made into snowmen.

Barbi Touron / Inner Beauty Inner Tube Jewelry
All of my jewelry is made from recycled bicycle inner tube. The design is cut out by hand, using very tiny scissors. The design does not follow a pattern, instead it’s cut free form. This brings a more organic feel to industrial materials. I think of it as urban lace, because of the effect and the amount of time it takes to gain this effect.

Misia Pitkin / Double Darn Clothing
I make cycling caps, and mechanic aprons.

Fred DiMeglio / Man Vs. Ink
I will be selling original paintings, silk screen prints and drawings.

Shawn Granton / Illustrator, Author
Bicycle zines/comics, posters, postcards, buttons.

Laura Crawford / Tangerine Treehouse
I’ll be bringing a variety of styles and taking orders for custom work. I also make (and will be selling) the Bike Mustache (which is exactly what it sounds like… a mustache for your bike). If nobody minds, I might bring some PathLessPedaled goodies too (calendar, books, etc.).

Eric Bagdonas / Stumptown Printers
Posters, cards, printed ephemera

Geoff Franklin / Walnut Architecture
Handmade leather wares for your bike.

Shaun Deller / Shaun Deller Designs
Classy cycling hats made from recycled wool and cotton garments.

Serena Van Vranken / Almost Monday
Drypoints (art prints) of bikes and bike related items!

Curtis Williams / North St. Bags
Bags for bicycles and those who ride them.

Julien Jaborska / Rebicyclist
Bicycle Tire Belts and other accessories (buckles, keychains, art).

Belts by Rebicyclist…

and buckles too.

Joe Biel / Microcosm Publishing
Bicycle shirts, buttons, patches, stickers, zines, books, joy. in real living colour.

Brian Engelen / Fun Reflector
Fun Reflectors are easy to apply reflective decals made from durable 3M Scotchlite retroreflective material that permanently adhere to your bike, helmet, or fenders. They temporarily, adhere to shoes, jackets, fleece clothing, and backpacks. Choose from our many designs and colors and add style to your ride.

Jen Woffinden / JDuct
Duct tape wallets and flasks with bike themed designs (among others).

Brian Echerer / Velo Gioielli
Cycling themed jewelry and art.

Becky Morton / Bikeasaurus
A variety of local, handmade, bike-friendly accessories.

Ayleen Crotty / Filmed By Bike
We will be selling discounted DVDs and our cool 2011 poster designs.

Carye Bye / Red Bat Press
Bike prints, calendars, zines, patches, book

Gigi Lascurettes / Gigi’s Handywork
2 main items: Helmuffs: wool ear covers that slide onto helmet straps and keep your ears warm during cold weather. gPaks: small pack to hold iPhone/mp3 players, some cash and/or keys, that can then be attached to bike, bag, arm, etc. to keep your gear handy.

Sara Collins
predominately stained glass inside of chain rings and cassettes, but also other stained glass goodies involving bikes. possibly also knit u lock cozies.

Lanette Fidrych / Cycle Dog
Dog Collars and Leashes made from re-claimed bike tubes

Mia Birk / Joyride (book)
Joyride tells the dramatic and enlightening behind-the-scenes story of how a group of determined visionaries transformed Portland

Frost Noris / Frostbitten Fantasies
Fashion accessories and bike related hand crafts made from upcycled inner tubes and tires.

Danielle Baskin / Tarot Helmets
Hand-painted bicycle and skateboard helmets with various designs (view them here) including designs based on a deck of tarot cards.

Randi Smith / Randi Jo Fab
Cycling soft goods; caps, saddle covers small bags & aprons.

Shawn Postera
Arm warmers with different combinations of lycra and recycled wool. We are also putting together “Shants” out of recycled materials. We call them shants or fancy short pants or Bike Friendly pants or Skirt like pants or manpris (for the guys), and one other epic name.

Kimberly Schrope / Bike n Chain
We sell bike themed handmade knitted and crochet beanies.

Caroline Paquette / Little Package
I’m bringing handmade cycling caps for winter wear off and on the bike – largely wool (both new and upcycled) and fleece, and nearly every one unique. Earflaps galore! There will also be cotton caps and tropical-weight wool caps for year-round wear. I also sell a sewing pattern so folks can make their own cap, and gift certificates.

This is going to be a fantastic weekend. Stay tuned for more in-depth “Pedal People” profiles of these artisans put together for us by Russ Roca.

Please help us spread the word to your friends and co-workers. BikeCraft is December 4th and 5th from 10am-6pm at 15 NE Hancock in Portland. We still have room for more vendors and we are in need of volunteers and sponsors to really make this event awesome. Check the BikeCraft page for more information and get in touch with J.R. if you can get involved – info[at]bikeportland.org.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Founder of BikePortland (in 2005). Father of three. North Portlander. Basketball lover. Car owner and driver. If you have questions or feedback about this site or my work, feel free to contact me at @jonathan_maus on Twitter, via email at maus.jonathan@gmail.com, or phone/text at 503-706-8804. Also, if you read and appreciate this site, please become a supporter.

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13 years ago

Filmed by Bike is super excited to be there! We’ll be selling our DVDs at a discounted rate, and we’re planning to have movies to show at our booth. Come hang out with us!

13 years ago

The BTA will be there with the gift that keeps on giving, BTA membership, that will come as a special gift calendar from Red Bat Press. Give the gift of safe, healthy streets for bicycling.
We’ll also be caroling!

13 years ago

Lots of great vendors, and perfectly timed for holiday shopping. Also, will Hopworks be there with the Bike Bar? I hope so.

Jonathan "J.R" Reed
13 years ago

Hopworksfiets is invited and planning to serve a couple styles of ale. mmmmbeeer…
We’re also looking to do some door prizes throughout the weekend including some super swanky, ultra versatile Leatherman Tool Skeletools with bitkits. Talk about crafty!

13 years ago

Tarot Helmets (which look rad!) corrected website: http://blog.thetarotlady.com/2010/10/11/tarot-helmets/

13 years ago

Tarot Helmets (which look rad!) corrected website: http://bellehelmets.com/