portland mayor ted wheeler looking into the camera at a meeting

Portland mayor says induced demand only matters if vehicles pollute

“Induced demand only matters if you’re creating an induced demand for carbon-based vehicles that pollute.” – Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has some interesting ideas about induced demand. In fact, if you care about building healthy and vibrant cities, his ideas are downright troubling. For the uninitiated, induced demand is a … Read more

E-bikes a better way to help people than cheaper gas, says Oregon Congressman Blumenauer

“I don’t want to sound like ‘Johnny-one-note’ with our cycling agenda, but burning calories instead of fossil fuel is something that will make a difference right now.” -Earl Blumenauer Thanks to inflation and the war in Ukraine, gas prices have hit record highs, and in the car-dependent United States, a lot of people across the … Read more

Ride with me on a path to Portland charter reform enlightenment

Our city hamstrings itself by putting city commissioners — who possibly have no management experience, background or interest in a bureau — in charge of running them. Portland took another step toward good governance with the recent Charter Commission vote to advance their reforms to the November ballot. This City Council appointed, 20-member group of … Read more