Stories by Rivelo

Will Trade Bandannas For Socks

‘Tis the season, again. Bring us new or nearly new socks, and we will give you one of our current all-cotton/USA-made bandannas in exchange. During the fall & winter, we make regular runs to the local homeless shelter to deliver socks, gloves, scarves, knitwear, and ANY articles of clothing that might help keep people warm … Read more

Get Joel a Tooth!

Friend and Rivelo shop regular Joel needs a new front tooth, and we’re hoping to raise the necessary funds to make that happen. If you’ve been to Rivelo, you may have met Joel. When Joel was still a teenager in Florida, he crashed his VW Microbus and sustained a closed head injury that left him … Read more

Has Anything Else Changed Less Than a Bicycle?

This photo was taken 123 years ago, but the bicycle pictured here doesn’t look significantly different than the single speeds we see tooling around Portland in 2018. Pretty amazing, and testimony to the perfection of the traditional “diamond” frame. The link from Vintage Portland, our (other) daily read: https://vintageportland.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/1895-c_herbert-lewis-posing-with-a-bicycle_a2004-002-11004.jpg

Piedmont Cycle Shop, Circa 1942

From the cool Vintage Portland site (https://vintageportland.wordpress.com/) “N Killingsworth Street at N Missouri Avenue looking east, with Chickadee restaurant and Piedmont Cycle Shop in view, circa 1942.” Here’s that same intersection today:

Ongoing collection for the homeless

We make regular runs to the local homeless shelter with clean socks & underwear, clothes, bedding, and small personal hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.). Clean socks, especially, are always needed. (They don’t need to be new, just hole-free…and clean.) Drop anything you have to donate at Rivelo any day we’re open. Thursdays and Fridays, 11-6. … Read more

Collecting Warm Clothes at Rivelo

The local homeless shelter on Grand Avenue says they need clean socks, underwear, and warm jackets. Any warm clothes, really. If you have something to donate, feel free to drop it by Rivelo. (401 SE Caruthers St at Water Ave, on the east side of the Tilikum) and we’ll bundle up the donations and take … Read more

Solid Beam Lights Rock!

Our single-most “liked” Instagram/Facebook/Twitter post ever. “Likes” don’t make right, of course, but they might indicate that the message has resonated with a lot of riders who are temporarily blinded by other cyclists on paths like the Eastbank Esplanade and the Springwater Corridor. If the people riding toward you can’t see you because your flashing … Read more