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Travel study unveiled at Summit shows bike tourism means big bucks

Friday, March 8th, 2013
National Bike Summit-16

Kristin Dahl with Travel Oregon unveiled
exciting new numbers on Oregon bicycle tourism at
a breakout session titled, Bicycling Means Business:
Getting the Facts Straight
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

From a boom in bike manufacturing in Portland to increased economic vitality on streets with protected bike lanes in Manhattan, signs of how bicycling grows the bottom line are everywhere in America these days. On Tuesday during the National Bike Summit in Washington DC, a panel of experts addressed yet another component of this wave of good news: The major economic implications of bicycle tourism.
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Portlander triumphs at grueling Trans Iowa endurance race

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Joe Partridge at the finish.
(Photos: Ellee Thalheimer)

Months ago, scores of endurance racing enthusiasts jumped at the chance to snag one of the 100 slots at the eighth annual Trans Iowa endurance race. When it started on Saturday, only 75-80 people actually showed up. When it was over, only 19 of them managed to finish.

One of those finishers was Portlander Joe Partridge. Joe finished in second place in the single-speed category mostly because he’s totally badass. I’m partial though. He’s my husband.

Last weekend I went to Grinnell, Iowa to witness and support Joe and his friend Dan Jansen as they attempted this grueling, 330-mile gravel road race.

The Trans Iowa physically and mentally breaks down most of its participants each year, leaving very few finishers. Time cutoffs require riders to average 10 mph the whole race, support people are restricted from the course, and riders are completely self-supported, only resupplied with gnarly vittles from rural convenience stores.[Read more…]

Product review: Keen’s new “Springwater” bike shoe aims for Portland’s utility style

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

The Keen Springwater
(Photos: Ellee Thalheimer)

[Editor’s note: This product review is by BikePortland contributor Ellee Thalheimer. We asked Ellee to review Portland-based Keen Footwear’s new cycling shoe, named after a Portland cycling landmark. For those unfamiliar with cycling shoe technology, there isn’t much out there on the web, but here’s a basic explanation. ]

Portland’s love affair with Keen shoes just went to the next level. [Read more…]

Learning the law at the Share the Road safety class

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Ellee Thalheimer is a new contributing writer to BikePortland. Her most recent story was a product review of women’s bike shorts designed for utility and fashion. Ellee is a yoga instructor and travel writer living in Southeast Portland. Check out her author page here.

We covered the beginnings of the Share the Road Safety Class; this is our first inside account by a BikePortland operative.

Traffic safety gurus (L to R): Judge
Chris Larsen, BTA instructor Gregg
Lavender, Officer James Sorensen,
and nurse Mike Morrison.
(Photos: Ellee Thalheimer)

“Bike laws are schizophrenic,” the judge in my case told me. “Sometimes you’re a vehicle, sometimes you’re a pedestrian.”

It’s true. The rules of the road are confusing, and for those of us who get around on two wheels, confusing can translate into lethal. That’s one reason self-proclaimed “safety geek” and Judge Chris Larsen wanted to create a better way to educate road users about how to operate legally, and safely, on city streets.

Nearly two years ago, Larsen initiated the Share the Road Safety Class, a two-hour lecture/discussion/presentation that takes place twice a month at Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

The class functions as an alternative to expensive, record-marring traffic tickets that leave offenders frustrated, but unfortunately, still ignorant about the rules of the road.
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Product review: My Alibi ‘Bloomer’ shorts for women

Friday, January 9th, 2009

[Publisher’s note: This is the first product review by new contributor Ellee Thalheimer. Learn more about Ellee here.]

The women at Inverness, California based My Alibi cycling apparel are dedicated to ‘making sure you feel beautiful on your bike.’ After spending some time in their “Bloomers” cycling shorts, I’d have to say they’re achieving that goal.

Their bloomers are, in a word, sexy. These sleek, boy-cut chamois shorts (available in chocolate brown and pink) cup buns firmly but sensually like a 1940’s style-swim suit. They are meant to go under a skirt or any non-cycling clothing a woman may wish to wear while navigating on two wheels. [Read more…]