Product review: My Alibi ‘Bloomer’ shorts for women

[Publisher’s note: This is the first product review by new contributor Ellee Thalheimer. Learn more about Ellee here.]

The women at Inverness, California based My Alibi cycling apparel are dedicated to ‘making sure you feel beautiful on your bike.’ After spending some time in their “Bloomers” cycling shorts, I’d have to say they’re achieving that goal.

Their bloomers are, in a word, sexy. These sleek, boy-cut chamois shorts (available in chocolate brown and pink) cup buns firmly but sensually like a 1940’s style-swim suit. They are meant to go under a skirt or any non-cycling clothing a woman may wish to wear while navigating on two wheels.

As cycling lingerie of sorts, one could bet money that these bloomers would raise the eyebrows of most bike geeks, or even bike haters for that matter. However, the last thing on a woman’s mind (I’m assuming) while cycling up a three-mile pass is how sexy she looks…

Bloomers by My Alibi.
(Made in Italy – $125)

“Wow, I just beat my time climbing NW Thompson Road by 45 seconds. How’s my butt look?”

That being said, these bloomers can be an incredible addition to a female cyclist’s wardrobe.

They’re perfect for a commuter who has four different errands to do around town before meeting friends for dinner. She can still dress however she wants and have the luxury of chamois support during a day in the saddle. Or, maybe it’s the weekend and you’re going on a short, leisurely ride that might end in a picnic; these bloomers let you wear something less stifling, yet just as comfy as bike shorts.

I also like that these shorts might help motivate a newbie cyclist to hop in their bike because they can avoid the full fledged cycling costume, which can be quite intimidating at first.

“The edges of the thigh cuff roll up a bit during use, slightly reducing the sexy factor, but frankly, who cares?”

Now, let’s talk about the all-important chamois. Made in Italy, the gel cushioning isn’t too intrusive like some chamois on the market (which can make a gal feel like she is sitting on a pillow) yet the bloomers’ support is quite satisfying. The shorts also didn’t strangle my legs, and yet the spandex was tight enough to hold things nicely in place.

The edges of the thigh cuff roll up a bit during use, slightly reducing the sexy factor, but frankly, who cares? You can smooth them into place before you seduce your cycling buddy or whatever you need to do.

I say kudos to the women at My Alibi for creating products that truly support women and consider the diverse ways that cycling can be a part of their lives. Check them out at

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John Lascurettes
15 years ago

I bet we’ll see some on the World Naked Bike Ride this year.

15 years ago

Awesome post.. Now I know what to ask for for Valentines Day!! Thanks so much Eilee.

15 years ago

I have a feeling this post wasn’t meant for me, but I couldn’t stop reading.


Sure, I can understand, Velocipede.

I had to read to the end as well to find out if they were “laterally stiff, yet vertically compliant.”

15 years ago

Interesting that, according to My Alibi’s website, these shorts only go up to size 10. It surprises me that a women’s sportswear company fails to recognize that women come in a variety of sizes.

Maybe more “newbie [female] cyclists” would be enticed to start biking if they could find comfortable attire in their sizes.

beth h
15 years ago

I dunno… I just can’t get past the price tag…

..::shakes head in amazement::..

Happy riding to all –Beth

Newby Bike Chick
Newby Bike Chick
12 years ago
Reply to  beth h

They are $65 through REI, can only get them online though.

15 years ago

I sent my concern about the narrow range of sizes to My Alibi and the owner of the company sent this reply within an hour! I don’t think she’ll mind my sharing it:

“I do understand your concern and really
am working hard to get to the point in my business that I can offer a wider
range of sizes. I do understand the need but as I am a very small company
starting on just pennies I was not able to immediately offer more. The bike
industry typically jumps around the issue by sizing S,M,L, XL but I have a
hard time calling a size 12 woman an XL!!! This is why I chose to use the
more female appropriate numeric sizing. I do intend to offer sizes 2-16 as
soon as I possibly can but right now I am unfortunately struggling to even
release more of the line.

PLEASE don’t judge My Alibi by this dilemma and keep your eye on us as I hope to be able to resolve this issue soon. Your feedback is very important to me, so once again thank you for taking your
time to share with me.

That said, I must tell you that after having my Bloomers on the market for 2 years now I have found that the size 10 runs a little big and fits most size 12 women quite well.

I hope you will support me in continuing this venture so that I may soon
accommodate all of your cycling needs.”

quoted e-mail from:
Abbie Durkee
My Alibi

15 years ago

Uh, yeah no one should call a 12 XL, a 14-16 is usually considered XL. Or 16-18. ALL sports and outdoor gear companies should rethink how and what woman’s sizes they offer.

They look like cute cycling shorts to me, but I was sad, I was hoping it more like a pedal pusher or something, with the bloomer name. But then, I don’t wear this kind of gear, so I’s not my market anyways. The cost threw me too.

It is cute. I hope she’s sucessful. =)

15 years ago

teh sexiness!

15 years ago

I like ’em! 🙂 Yay for the small businessperson!

Something Sensual
15 years ago

Brilliant! We should make it mandatory for all female bikers!