Podcast: In The Shed with new co-host Eva Frazier!

I’m excited to share the inaugural episode with new co-host Eva Frazier! Eva is a co-owner of local bike shop Clever Cycles, a board member of the nonprofit BikeLoud PDX, BikePortland contributor, Bike Happy Hour regular, and just an all-around quality person who cares about cycling and wants to see Portland thrive.

In what I hope is the first of many “In The Shed” chats to come, Eva and I touch on a wide range of topics. It’s fun, free-flowing banter between two bike and city-loving nerds — a change from the more formal interviews and event recaps I’ve done in the past (I will still do those things, but “In The Shed” will be a regular feature).

In this episode (recorded Thursday, October 12th at BP HQ in north Portland’s Piedmont Neighborhood) Eva and I talked about:

  • Eva’s preferred route from inner southeast (SE 9th and Hawthorne) to The Shed in NoPo near Peninsula Park
  • Life in the shop (uninvited squirrels and shop cats!)
  • Millionth Brompton Ride
  • The Street Trust Alice Awards
  • Automatic shifting bicycles
  • Why more people should bike in Rose Lanes (bus priority lanes)
  • Tapas Tuesdays
  • The amazing Mazamas story of the first bike on Mt. Hood
  • PBOT’s SE Hawthorne Blvd Evaluation Report (PDF)
  • Broadway Bike Lane Scandal
  • The first bakfiets in Portland and subsequent Dutch bike invasion
  • and more!!

We had so much fun and can’t wait to chat again. Next episode, I’ll ask Eva about: why she doesn’t ride an e-bike, what she thought of the Alice Awards, riding in the rain with sandals on, why ponchos are taking over (at least among Brompton owners), and who knows what else! Got a topic you want us to chew on? A question for Eva or myself? Send it in. And thanks for listening.

Listen in the player above or wherever you get your podcasts.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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8 months ago

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this episode! You and Eva have a great rapport and vibe just talking about things, and I appreciated having this kind of “grab-bag” episode sort of talking about everything bike-related you could think of. It’s a nice contrast with the single-topic episodes. It’s especially fun to hear people talk about their preferred bike routes, since it helps show how different people can be in what kinds of routes and facilities they prefer, what annoys them or doesn’t, and whether they stick to one route vs switching it up just for variety. Anyway, I hope you do lots more episodes with Eva and especially do more of these general hang-out episodes.

8 months ago

I enjoyed the episode! More Eva, please! One thing I love about hanging with cyclists is seeing everyone’s setups, so I enjoyed the bike talk, and gear talk would be fun to hear also. Shannon’s last post on rain gear felt like a cool rainy day hang.

I look forward to hearing more about New York – that would be a cool topic for your next chat with Eva. I was there in August and didn’t do much riding except on the Hudson River greenway (awesome), but there were tons of good- and eh-quality protected bike lanes in Manhattan. Not so much in Brooklyn or the Bronx from what I saw, but tons of people out biking nonetheless. The vibes were good!

John V
John V
8 months ago

Good episode. I appreciated the description of Eva’s commute routes and alternatives. And that the owner of Clever Cycles doesn’t ride an e-bike.

Shawne Martinez (Guest author)
Shawne Martinez
8 months ago

Thank you for the kind words! This was a great first episode with you two!