Film chronicles Portland duo’s ride to the coast with surfboards in tow

Brian Donnelly looking for waves.
(Photos: Steven Mortinson)

Portlanders do the craziest things on bikes. Remember the guys who loaded ski gear on their bikes, rode from Portland to the summit of Mt. Hood, then skied all the way down?

Here’s a new one: This past June, Brian Donnelly and his friend/filmmaker Steven Mortinson loaded surfboards onto homemade bike trailers and rode to the Oregon Coast. They spent a week, “stealth camping, surfing, and surviving road sharks.” Then they pedaled home.

One of the best parts of this adventure is that they captured it beautifully and want to share it with all of us. Rideable: A Bikepacking, Surfing Adventure is a 15-minute film based on their trip that will screen for the first time in Portland this Friday (8/9) at Mountain Shop. It’s a free event (yes, even the beverages).


Brian and Steven will give a presentation, answer questions, and host a raffle (to benefit Surfrider Portland). Check out still images from the film and a teaser clip below. More info about the screening event on the BikePortland Calendar:

— Jonathan Maus: (503) 706-8804, @jonathan_maus on Twitter and

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Todd Boulanger
Todd Boulanger
3 years ago

Oh what fun along the coast…except perhaps for crosswinds as one rides southbound up against the cliff of your right and with RVs/ trucks on ones left.

When I looked at their unique trailer rig it brought to mind the excellent trailers from the US company “Pac Dog” …they had a single wheel mono trailer for camping and another one for surfing. I had one of each. They were great as they fit many bike styles AND also folded in half for air travel too. (I wish I could find a spare seat post trailer hitch…anyone got one to spare etc.?)

Imagine that!…it looks like someone has revived the product!!

Peter W
3 years ago

Super 8?

3 years ago

Only one problem- No surf in Oregon. Nothing to see. Move on.