Pedalpalooza is rolling with tacos, a tiki bar bike, a pedaled wedding, and so much more

(Photos by Aaron Brown)

From the wonky to the wacky, the seventeenth annual Pedalpalooza has shown that Portland’s creative, inclusive, free, and fun bike culture is alive and well.

Here are some highlights…

So much to discover on the Lents Green Ring Ride:

Look at all that purple on the Prince4Ever Ride:

Learning about our hidden city on the Remnants and Relics Ride:

Foosball in the park during Grilled By Bike:


Dan Mallery and Dave Morgon got married while pedaling around Ladd Circle!

A very impressive (and fully-functioning!) tiki bar bike on the Tiki Ride:

Wonking out on bikes and transit:

Healthy crowd for a rainy Atlas Obscura Ride:

Chickens, goats, crops and new friends on the Cully Farm Tour ride:

And that’s just a sampling of the fun being had out there. What has been your favorite ride so far?

Check the calendar to find your fun.

— Jonathan Maus: (503) 706-8804, @jonathan_maus on Twitter and

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4 years ago

Why can’t I see any of the pictures? They all show as full-sized placeholders.

4 years ago

That Foosball Ride sounded amazing! I blew it by not going to that. You gotta stay on top of your game if you wanna have a great time at Pedalpalooza!

Todd Boulanger
4 years ago

Who knew that PedalPalooza loadings would be so big that it would slow Instagram…