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Let’s help Samantha Taylor buy an e-bike

Posted by on October 9th, 2017 at 11:36 am

(Photo courtesy Samantha Taylor)

We met Samantha Taylor during Steph Routh’s interview series. In it we learned why she isn’t commuting:

The most that I’ve ridden a bike was this summer when I had a GenZe bike. I have chronic pain, and I have arthritis. I know that there are other people out there with similar experiences. Having an e-bike allowed me to ride comfortably in a way that suited my body’s needs. It’s unfortunate that e-bikes are so expensive. Since I had to give mine back, I haven’t been riding.

Commenter B. Carfree proposed we help:

It looks like Samantha Taylor would ride a bike if she could afford an e-bike. I wonder if there are enough of us who read and comment here who would pitch in to a fund to buy her one.

So I started a collection. As of Monday morning we already have 11% of the target funds. Can you pitch in? If so, send the money to me at$tedder (If you haven’t used, here’s a referral link that gets you $5. It sends me $5, which I’ll add to the collection too). Alternately you can send paypal to or .. email me and we can figure out other methods.

If I don’t raise enough money, I’ll refund it all. In no way will I profit from this.

— Ted Timmons, @tedder42 on Twitter and

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9 thoughts on “Let’s help Samantha Taylor buy an e-bike”

  1. William Henderson William Henderson says:

    This is a really great initiative, Ted. Have you reached out to Samantha about it? Just want to make sure it is as welcome as we all are assuming it would be…

    1. I haven’t. I wanted to wait until we’d raised a majority of the funds. But I’ve talked with Steph and I feel our intentions are in the right place, so it should be accepted.

      1. Avatar Steph Routh says:

        Great question! This is a welcome endeavor to/for Samantha. Thanks, Team!

      2. Avatar Samantha Taylor says:

        Hi ya, Ted! Steph told me and I feel great about it. Thank you! <3 Getting an ebike is really gonna solve a problem for me. So excited!

        1. Avatar Colin Ross says:

          Hey Samantha,

          I was inspired by your comments in the article on Friday, and I shared them with our CEO and the rest of our team. As a result, Faraday Bikes would like to help get you set up with an ebike, if you’re interested. Go ahead and shoot me an email at and we can talk through the options.


  2. Hey Samantha, how far do you need to ride? What kind of hills do you need to go up? What do you need to carry with you? I am sure I can find a demo eBike or ebike that a customer doesn’t need anymore.

    Depending on your needs, We’ve probably have you covered.

    If there is a particular eBike you have your heart set on, and we carry it, let us know and we will see if we need to put the word out for some funds, but why dont you stop on by today before 6:30 or thursday 11-6:30 and we will make it happen

    The eBike Store

    1. Avatar Samantha Taylor says:

      Thanks! See you Thursday, Wake!

  3. Avatar B. Carfree says:

    How close is this thing to happening?

    One more bike!

    1. about 25%. We’ll try to scrape some other sources together.

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