Bamboo bike building workshop coming to Portland this summer!

Bicycle builder extraordinaire, John Bam Climaco, is a bamboo enthusiast who has led workshops with Craig Calfee to master the art and science of building your own one of a kind bamboo bike frame. This 3 day workshop includes all the materials and guidance needed to create your own bamboo bicycle frame.

The mission behind the workshops is to share our passion for advocating for a more sustainable earth and advocate for the progressive livelihood of renewable materials such as bamboo and abaca (banana tree). We also aim to make professional bikes more accessible to people of all incomes, by building it yourself you can save thousands on a new bike. Finally, the heart of the workshop model is getting back to the makerspace, working with one’s hands, and learning that everyone has the tools and capability to build their own bike.

Check out finished bikes at Bambu Technologies on Instagram and Facebook.
For more on Bamboo bikes, check out:

To reserve your space in the workshop, contact Portland host, Shawna at

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