3 young women killed by deadly design crosswalks

Hello Jonathan.

Please do a longer story on Hawthorne with PBOT asked to comment.

Dear public. Please call commissioner Dan Saltzman’s office and ask for a much safer redesign of Hawthorne and 43rd.

(503)823-4151 Dan manages PBOT

Address where Fallon smart (my student) was killed. The new design may slow some traffic, but it only solves a fraction of the problem. It ignores deadly parking near intersections

We must not forget where 2 college girls were killed on Foster in a legal crosswalk with a median and speed just like the one proposed ..

The new design has many flaws that show left turns on 30mph roads are more important than the 3 crosswalks at that intersection.

We can calm side streets and Hawthorne by lowering it to 25 and remove left turns that conflict with dual crosswalks.

Those left turn drivers must be expected to see 270 degrees at same instant.

We must remove parking in all the legal crosswalks. These are obvious existing problems ignored currently and by the new design.

My design picture shows 3 safer crosswalks and the center lane and parking replaced by planters. Design your own to help PBOT see people over trip times.

Please comment…

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I'm here from the future to beg you all to go speak in person to your lawmakers.

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7 years ago

Great design.

7 years ago

abuse of the center lane on Hawthorne continues all day every day…


drivers see no consequences so are not averse to breaking the law… after all, why would they think it would be dangerous when the city allows it (by lack of enforcement) everywhere? the center lane is theirs to use as they please…

if the city wants better compliance to the law then they need to let people know they’re serious about it…

7 years ago

Parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk is already illegal in Oregon. ORS 811.550 (17). It would be nothing short of a miracle if you could get the city to enforce this law. I asked Leah Treat about this and she replied that enforcement of this statute is “complaint driven.” This is shorthand for “can’t be bothered.”

7 years ago
Reply to  Mark

PDX Transformation could get some red paint and mark curbs at problem intersections…

actually, any citizen could probably do it so long as you got the correct color paint…

Stephen Keller
Stephen Keller
7 years ago
Reply to  Spiffy

Build out the curbs within twenty feet of the intersections such that parking in that area physically blocks the lane. It’ll self-correct very quickly and place pedestrians in much more visible locations.