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I'm here from the future to beg you all to go speak in person to your lawmakers.

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Straw poll – Keep existing diverter on SE Clinton?

Please take this poll. Vote with the Facebook Link below or Vote with a reply on these bikePortland comments . .. URL Above ============================== Diverter Straw Poll. – =========================== Residents near SE 50th are very eager to continue having cars blocked both East/West on Clinton. Construction has done this the last 18 months. a) … Read more

State survey on Transportation

The Oregon Speaker of the House is asking you to fill out a survey on Transportation. 1) Fill out this survey 2) Share the Link with friends 3) Share some of your answers with BikePortland Here is the survey to take or share: ============================== My ideas to fix transit in Portland and everywhere in … Read more

Nothing changes with police abuse

I spent most of the day filling 2 dumpsters with trash that homeless people had collected and put in bags along the SpringWater Corridor. It’s an amazing community that is safe and mostly not even seen from the bike path. Amanda Fritz and her park rangers continue to violate their oath and put a variety … Read more

RIP pedestrian ride today, Wed June 15 – 5pm

Two pedestrians have been mowed down by cars on Burnside sidewalks. Exactly 365 days apart. No citation was ever given to the 2015 driver. This is a protest ride for June 15,2016. 5pm: South Sidewalk of Burnside Bridge. Slow ride up Burnside to SE 172nd Ave. People can leave early for the 6 … Read more