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Bike stolen from crash victim – Black w orange RoadMaster

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

A 14 year old cyclist on Division and 66th crashed,

While he was being patched in the ambulance the bike was stolen.

Crash Date Sept 11, 2018

– Roadmaster Granite Peak Mostly Black with tiny orange stripes
– Fenders
– Tool bag under seat
– Mount for flashlight ,
– Mount for horn

Please call 911 and tell the cops asap, and call me and leave a message or text me asap

(414) four 65-8805

Straw poll – Keep existing diverter on SE Clinton?

Friday, December 15th, 2017

Please take this poll.
Vote with the Facebook Link below
Vote with a reply on these bikePortland comments
URL Above

Diverter Straw Poll. –

Residents near SE 50th are very eager to continue having cars blocked both East/West on Clinton. Construction has done this the last 18 months.

a) Yes divert cars both East/West, keep what we have
b) No accept PBOT offer to open up to cut through drivers one way
c) I need more info and have read the Google Groups
d) I need more info, no time for G groups reading
End of straw poll
PBOT map https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-_lkfRp66-0bW5ZbGdkWWdOeW1VQjR5Y2JRX2Y2ay0zRHRN/view?usp=sharing

MAP from people who use this daily on a bike

I care about this because my close friend and her 2 kids live on Clinton, and I have over 50 people I love who use it every day. I use it every day on my bike. Thanks for your support comrades. Signed, Joe

3 young women killed by deadly design crosswalks

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Hello Jonathan.

Please do a longer story on Hawthorne with PBOT asked to comment.

Dear public. Please call commissioner Dan Saltzman’s office and ask for a much safer redesign of Hawthorne and 43rd.

(503)823-4151 Dan manages PBOT

Address where Fallon smart (my student) was killed. The new design may slow some traffic, but it only solves a fraction of the problem. It ignores deadly parking near intersections

We must not forget where 2 college girls were killed on Foster in a legal crosswalk with a median and speed just like the one proposed ..

The new design has many flaws that show left turns on 30mph roads are more important than the 3 crosswalks at that intersection.

We can calm side streets and Hawthorne by lowering it to 25 and remove left turns that conflict with dual crosswalks.

Those left turn drivers must be expected to see 270 degrees at same instant.

We must remove parking in all the legal crosswalks. These are obvious existing problems ignored currently and by the new design.

My design picture shows 3 safer crosswalks and the center lane and parking replaced by planters. Design your own to help PBOT see people over trip times.

Please comment…

Fix public transit, call and visit your lawmaker

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Oregon map by population size of each county


Please take this transportation survey from the state of Oregon, house speaker

Second, get to know your lawmaker. Show up at PCC Cascade 10am Jan 28th ( Same link above)
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State survey on Transportation

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

The Oregon Speaker of the House is asking you to fill out a survey on Transportation.

1) Fill out this survey
2) Share the Link with friends
3) Share some of your answers with BikePortland

Here is the survey to take or share:

My ideas to fix transit in Portland and everywhere in Oregon

— Get cars out of lanes used by Bus and MAX and Streetcars
— Enforce existing rules on speed and cell use, deeply investigate all crashes with a serious death or injury and pull data records.
— Reduce speed limits like Seattle has done. We must fund safety before we fund projects to widen roads and increase death rates.
— Stop repeat offenders
— Get cars off greenways. We need a network of streets like Sunday Parkways every day of the year.
— High Speed trail and complete the Salmonberry trail
— New leadership at ODOT focused on VisionZero , if the FAA can design our system for zero deaths we can do the same with roads
— Add 20 cents to the gas tax
— Give all 99 of Portland’s Neighborood associations a budget to fix the most deadly spots in their area.
— Replace all 7 members of the broken House Transportation committee appointed by Kotek. None of the members live in a city. ( see image)
— Take money away from ODOT and give to local transit managers
See how California does it –> https://youtu.be/Pk1rW5S-S5A?t=34m15s
— Get city roads out of ODOT control, make them safer under city control, No mash up of ODOT/PBOT/Mult County

Here’s the survey source: content.govdelivery.com/accounts/ORLEG/bulletins/17a4c64

Thanks for reading. Please get the survey to friends and share the URL of the survey or the URL of this bikePortland page…

Nothing changes with police abuse

Monday, July 25th, 2016

I spent most of the day filling 2 dumpsters with trash that homeless people had collected and put in bags along the SpringWater Corridor. It’s an amazing community that is safe and mostly not even seen from the bike path.

Amanda Fritz and her park rangers continue to violate their oath and put a variety of restraints ( exclusions, citations, written warnings) on the peaceful assembly protected by the Oregon Constitution. Cops did this to bikes for a long time:


Everything I observed in my court case ( URL above ) was made more obvious to me at the time because I was teaching at Jefferson High. My African American students would constantly tell me about being abused by cops for being black. I did not want to write that then, but I will say it loudly now that #BlackLivesMatter and the cycling community should be more supportive.

When the city Sit Lie Ordinance was tossed out for the 5th time by the courts I took my very young daughter to read the Oregon Constitution to Amanda Fritz and Sam Adams.

Please stay tuned to the Bike Portland Subscriber pages so that cyclists can show more solidarity with the movements of #blackLivesMatter and not evicting the residents of the SpringWater corridor


PBOT: We can have 8 diverters for price of one

Monday, July 18th, 2016

We could have more diverters if the city did not create the most costly equipment and costly labor methods to install them. – See pictures and video below of the $50,000 diverter at N Holman and N Mississippi. Crews of 4-9 people spent 4 days to install this with overtime. We could have 8-80 diverters for the price of 1 bloated design by the Portland Bureau of Transportation,PBOT ( Commissioner Steve Novick ) This is not a question of money, it’s how our lawmakers in city hall and Salem waste our Transportation money chasing old design methods and cars focused designs. We will never get close to #VisionZero with these leaders.

Preface: Diverters are those objects placed on quiet street corners so that cars from neighbors can still get from A to B. Long distance commuters can’t cut straight through quiet side streets, and cars going long distance are diverted back to an arterial street designed to be safer for that. The media sells diverters as a ban on cars.

My question to fellow BP readers: What ideas would you send to the city leaders and staff? Please reply here and I’ll print them and hand deliver them in a meeting.

Your ideas?

My ideas:
a) More low cost diverters. Involve the people or City Repair Project. We already paint colorful art in some intersections at zero cost to the city. Citizens could just as easily build safer and more sustainable ( and maintainable ) objects to divert cut through cars. Some might cost the city zero dollars. Adopt a diverter. Design a diverter contest. We could have 80 community diverters for the cost of the Holman diverter. Seriously.
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RIP pedestrian ride today, Wed June 15 – 5pm

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Two pedestrians have been mowed down by cars on Burnside sidewalks. Exactly 365 days apart. No citation was ever given to the 2015 driver.



This is a protest ride for June 15,2016.

5pm: South Sidewalk of Burnside Bridge. Slow ride up Burnside to SE 172nd Ave.

People can leave early for the 6 p.m. Take Back the Night ride at Colonel Summers park, or people can keep riding until we slowly arrive at 172nd and Burnside.

Hales quits election

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Hales today just said he’s not running again. Hales has made job gravy train 4 life. Useless mayor can’t ticket deadly driver who jumped the Burnside sidewalk this summer. I searched court records and his staff waited 3 weeks to say I’m correct. Excused driver who claimed he passed out. On so many levels he has failed bikes and humans. Failed social justice and the environment of earth and transit.