PBOT: Rotate the stop sign on Monroe and Rodney

During the construction of the NE Rodney Bikeway, which has been talked about way to much for a simple project, PBOT made one bad compromise. There is a stop sign at NE Rodney and Monroe streets that was briefly (for 2 weeks) turned to face east and west allowing traffic on the greenway to flow north and south without stopping. Everything worked smoothly, and 2 of the corner neighbors want the stop sign to be put back in this configuration, however we reverted back to the original configuration of north/south stop signs.

This causes 2 problems:
a) a degredation of the NE Rodney bikeway below the standards recommended by the NACTO guide for bicycle boulevards http://nacto.org/publication/urban-bikeway-design-guide/bicycle-boulevards/minor-street-crossing/
This guide says that there should be 1/2 mile between stop signs on the greenway ideally.

b) traffic on NE Monroe street (a local street) is allowed to go 1000′ (.2 miles) with no traffic calming at NE Rodney from NE MLK,Jr Blvd to Williams Ave. This has the effect of cars going quite quickly by the time they are the middle of the stretch.

PBOT- please obey your own design guides and turn the stop sign at NE Rodney and Monroe street

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Steve B.
Steve B.
6 years ago