Portlanders will ride to remember David Bowie tonight

Bowie vs Prince Ride-10

Pre-ride group photo from 2012 Bowie vs. Prince ride.
(Photos © J. Maus/BikePortland)

Local fans of David Bowie are planning a memorial ride tonight to remember the music and fashion icon who died today at age 69. The ride will meet at 5:00 pm in Waterfront Park (at SW Pine).

For many years now, Bowie and his music have loomed largely in Portland’s bike scene thanks to the annual Bowie vs. Prince bike ride. The ride happens each year in June during Pedalpalooza. Hundreds of people show up in elaborate costumes and make-up — some drawing inspiration from Prince, others from Bowie. The two “sides” start separately and then meet-up for a huge dance party in the street fueled by free spirits and loud mobile sound systems.

This won’t be the first time Portlanders have come together on bikes to remember a cultural and music icon. When Michael Jackson died in 2009, dozens of people showed up in just a few hours’ notice to ride, sing, and dance together in his memory.

Tonight’s Bowie memorial ride will roll out at 5:30. It will be led by Lilian Karabaic, one of the main organizers of the Bowie vs. Prince ride. Below is a map Lily made for the ride, followed by photos from past rides….


Bowie v. Prince Ride-24

Bowie v. Prince Ride-31

Bowie vs Prince Ride-35

Bowie v. Prince Ride-2

Bowie v. Prince Ride-4


Bowie v. Prince Ride-11

Bowie v. Prince Ride-13

Bowie vs Prince Ride-29

Bowie vs Prince Ride-28

Bowie vs Prince Ride-27

Bowie vs Prince Ride-2

Bowie v. Prince Ride-18

— Jonathan Maus, (503) 706-8804 – jonathan@bikeportland.org

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7 years ago

Here’s the details for the ride on the shift calendar: http://shift2bikes.org/cal/#11-5415

In memory of the man who sold the world, our major tom, our Ziggy Stardust, our Goblin King…we ride.
Put on your glitter and dust off your best rain gear for a short ride in memory of the Legendary David Bowie. You might be #teamprince every other day of the year, but today we’re all #teambowie. We’ll meet at 5PM at Waterfront Park (at SW Pine) and ride at 5:30. A short ride to Clinton & 34th where there is new bike boulevard diverter for a dance party.

Optional jaunt to Bowie Karaoke at Voicebox at 7PM (room for 10 people at karaoke, 5 bucks/person, please RSVP if you are coming- there’s an option to add a room.)

To find us tweet [at]anomalily

7 years ago

Of all places, first heard about Bowie’s passing this morning on Portland classical radio station KBPS 89.9 FM. Bowie was an extraordinary artist performer. Great voice, dramatic and creative ability. For people that hear his voice and ability nowhere else, around Christmas, the cut of The Little Drummer Boy he did with Bing Crosby, gets play. ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Lester Burnham
Lester Burnham
7 years ago

We can be heroes…just for one day.

Justin Gast
Justin Gast
7 years ago

Wham Bam Thank You Bowie! RIP Ziggy Stardust

Clark in Vancouver
Clark in Vancouver
7 years ago

On the wikipedia page for Bowie, they mention his time in West Berlin in the 1970s. It reads : “…he was often seen riding a bicycle between his apartment on Hauptstraße in Schöneberg and Hansa Tonstudio…”
I wonder if there are any pictures of this. Cameras weren’t so common in the ’70s but maybe somebody took one of him riding a bike in Berlin. Has any reader seen one?

I met a guy years ago who had lived in Berlin in the ’70s and he said Bowie would be seen walking around in bright pink leotards and other crazy stuff. He didn’t think much of it then because at that point Bowie was just another washed up has-been drying out in West Berlin.

7 years ago

I think your “guy years ago” is full of crap. At 60 years of age, with a fair knowledge of many things Iggy and David, that is just nonsense. Believe what you will, but I say “bunk”. In fact, just google-ly images of the time and place and you will see Bowie in a wide variety of tweed during those days. As a fan much alive back then, his mild street attire was a twist to the contrary.

7 years ago

I’ll never forget this ride, nor Bowie. I dislocated my knee at Clinton & 34th where the ride stopped. 🙁 Thanks to all those that helped me out