Ted’s snow pictures and movies

When I saw the weather was snowy this morning I tortured my indoor-only kitties and then geared up to go bicycling with my cycling friend Jeremy, aka @kitchen.

We met down by Voodoo donuts. The lack of a line meant we actually went in to buy a few to fuel ourselves. I had a tiny cruller but Jeremy went for one of the largest donuts they have.

After that we rode through downtown, helped a stranded car driver, observed stranded buses, and then rode across the Tilikum bridge. It was about noon, we were the 13th and 14th riders to go east.


We then looped along the Esplanade and up onto the Hawthorne Bridge:

After that, we rode through downtown and then to Western Bike Works for some better tires.

Here’s a clip video showing what it looked like downtown, on the bridges, on the Esplanade, and so forth. There are some moments of questionable behavior from people driving cars in there- it’s like Where’s Waldo, except in this case Waldo will kill you if you don’t find him in time.

While we were at Western Bike Works, we borrowed a proper fatbike from an employee. Here’s Jeremy on it:

I broke the PDW fatbike fender while wheelieing the bike, but thankfully I wasn’t far from a bike shop that carries a replacement. Thanks to the WBW employee for lending his bike!

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Anne Hawley
8 years ago

Thanks for the tour! As someone who’s too chicken to bike or drive when two snowflakes accumulate, I appreciate the views that I’ll probably never see in person.

8 years ago

lots of fun! I too couldn’t resist the urge to ride in the snow and made a trip to the local margarita bar and dispensary in the quiet whiteness…