Event: Community activism and transportation reform

There’s a fantastic pair of events coming to town on Thursday.

Remember David Bragdon? Yep, our former Metro president. Well, he went off and moved to New York and worked for the Bloomberg administration for a while. Now he’s leading a non-profit called TransitCenter, a group that advocates for “improving urban mobility.”

TransitCenter is sponsoring two events on 10/22 that will offer lessons and insights about the “role of citizen activism influencing transportation reform.” Learn more in the press releases below.

Here’s an event targeted at professional agency staffers.

Community activism and transportation reform – sponsored by TransitCenter

NOON TO 1 P.M. (Bring your lunch!)

Join a conversation about the role of citizen activism influencing transportation reform with two leaders in the field, Shin-pei Tsay and Noah Budnick.

Shin-pei Tsay and Noah Budnick will share their experience and understanding of the role of community activism in influencing urban transportation innovations in the United States, including the Portland region. Their presentation will touch on the role of civic action, governance, and what transportation innovation really looks like.

Drawing on examples from several cities, from New York to Portland to Denver and Charlotte, Shin-pei and Noah will describe how these cities have transformed their streets by adding bus and bike lanes, creating new pedestrian plazas, and emphasizing the movement of people instead of cars, changes that were initiated and led by local-level advocacy.

Shin-pei Tsay is Director of Research and Development at TransitCenter in New York City. Shin-pei’s experience in practice and policy converges on transforming the built environment so that it is more accessible, equitable, and sustainable. Shin-pei is the primary author of TransitCenter’s recently released A People’s History of Recent Urban Transportation Innovation.

Noah Budnick is Executive Director of SF Bicycle Coalition in San Francisco. Noah works with the organization’s staff, board and active membership to provide organizational leadership and vision to improve life for San Franciscans by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. Noah was previously Deputy Executive Director of the Transportation Alternatives organization in New York City, which led successful fights like Safe Routes for Seniors, the installation of hundreds of miles of protected bike lanes, and pedestrian plazas all over the city.

This event made possible by TransitCenter, a foundation committed to improving urban mobility. To learn more and access A People’s History of Recent Urban Transportation Innovation visit www.transitcenter.org/our-work/.

And here’s a related public event that evening, aimed at citizen activists.

A People’s History of Recent Urban Transportation Innovation

Thursday, October 22nd
6:30pm networking reception
7:00pm program
PSU Center for Urban and Public Affairs, Parsons Gallery
506 SW Mill St., 2nd Floor

In 1974, Portlanders blocked construction of the Mt. Hood Freeway and made way for decades of transportation innovation. This history, along with those of Denver, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Chicago are chronicled in Transit Center’s recently-released report, “A People’s History of Recent Urban Transportation Innovation.” On October 22nd, the author of that report, Shin-pei Tsay, will share some of her findings and join a diverse and esteemed panel to discuss “Transportation Innovation” and what fosters it.

– Is Portland’s cultural and political environment still ripe for transportation innovation?
– How can mass transit projects improve our biking and walking network?
– What can we learn from other cities about bike share?
– How do we reduce displacement and create transit systems that benefit all?

Join us in welcoming Shin-pei Tsay and exploring these important questions.

You’re invited to: A People’s History of Recent Urban Transportation Innovation

Shin-pei Tsay Director of Research and Development, Transit Center
Noah Budnick Executive Director, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Heidi Guenin Executive Director, Sustainable Transportation Council
Carl Abbott Professor Emeritus, Portland State University College of Urban Studies and Planning
Carlotta Collette Metro District 2 Councilor, Metro

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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