Man recovering after serious injury collision on SE Division/122nd – UPDATED

Police say Hector Perez rode his bike out of the Shell gas station (on the right), across a few lanes of traffic and then rode “right in front of the van” that hit him. (View is looking west on Division, east of 122nd)

We realize that with all the collision lately it’s hard keeping track, but there has been a major update to the collision that happened yesterday on SE Division at 122nd.

Here’s the latest from the Portland Police Bureau:

The bicycle rider involved in yesterday’s crash has been identified as 34-year-old Hector Vizzuett Perez of Southeast Portland. He remains in a Portland hospital recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the van that struck Perez has been identified as 64-year-old Jose Catungal of Southeast Portland.

The preliminary investigation indicates that Catungal was driving westbound in the left turn lane on Division to turn left (southbound) onto 122nd Avenue. It appears that Perez rode his bicycle out of the gas station lot on the northeast corner of the intersection, through stopped traffic in the westbound lanes of Division, and right in front of the van which was moving in the specified left turn lane.

No citations have been issued and Catungal was not under the influence of intoxicants.

The case remains under investigation.

It’s important to note that Perez was initially reported to have “potential life-threatening injuries” and then PPB stated in a subsequent release that he was “expected to survive.”

The location of this collision (map) is just over a mile west of where a woman was killed yesterday by the dangerous actions of a school bus operator at the intersection of SE 148th and Division.

UPDATED, 8:02 am on 7/16:
Here’s the latest from the PPB:

The bicyclist involved in the crash, 34-year-old Hector Perez, was issued a traffic citation for Oregon Revised Statute 811-280, Failure to Yield to Vehicle While Entering a Roadway (with crash).

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11 years ago

Without any whiff of blame laying at all, it’s so dangerous to ride perpendicular through stopped traffic. Stay safe out there folks. I hope Hector heals quickly.

11 years ago

that kind of dangerous riding is pretty common out in east Portland… it’s where I see most of the people riding the wrong way in bike lanes and on sidewalks when there are bike lanes available…

11 years ago
Reply to  Spiffy

I’m not saying it’s right, but safe controlled crossings are few and far between out there.

If I wasn’t an experienced rider, I’d be aprehesive about trying to cross 5 lanes of 40+ mph traffic to get on the right side of the road, especially if my destination was only a few blocks away with no good controlled crossing available. And some times I even opt for wrong way on sidewalk to the nearest light in my direction of travel (often the rules aren’t always the best) when I’m out in that area.

Same goes for the bike lane too, 40+ mph traffic can be intimidating in the painted only bike lanes, even if stastically it is the best option available.

Keep in mind the city grid isn’t as defined out in that part of town like it is West of 205, so side street riding isn’t always a good option either if you don’t really know the neighborhood.

Drop the speed limit, and add more lights (actual red ones) with pedistrian/bike buttons and watch the collisions and deaths rates fall quickly. Facilities can follow, but will take time – more lights and speed limit changes are pretty cheap and will have a quick result.

11 years ago

…through stopped traffic in the westbound lanes … , and right in front of the (vehicle) which was moving in the specified left turn lane.
Ah the memories! That was my first motor vehicle crash over 20 years ago.
Lesson learned: when dangerously crossing through stopped traffic don’t assume the first empty lane will stay empty even if someone waves you out in to traffic.
Also: don’t trust anyone waving you out in to traffic, they assume no legal culpability if something bad happens.

11 years ago

I was riding Division and 50th? lady drives by yells get over a street in a bike lane. does she understand the ORS bike law? maybe not..