Two new committees kick off Washington County Transportation Plan update

Hal Ballard-19

Hal Ballard, executive director of the
Washington County Bicycle Transportation
Coalition, will help shape the plan.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

Earlier this week the Washington County Board of Commissioners took a major step towards updating the county’s Transportation Plan by appointing two new committees.

One is a 22-member Interagency Coordinating Committee (ICC) representing Washington County’s local governments and service providers. The second is an 18-member Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) which includes several familiar names. (Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I am one of the CAC members. A full list of all members appears below.)

Cover of the plan

The two committees will meet and advise the Department of Land Use and Transportation to make sure the Transportation Plan fully addresses the needs of county residents.

In appointing the CAC, the Commissioners said in an official statement that, “The Board’s objective… was to achieve balanced representation from a range of transportation system stakeholder interests and a range of citizen perspectives from throughout the County.”

Over the course of the next 18-24 months the two committees will help identify current and future transportation needs in the county and lay out standards for roadways, transit systems, and facilities for biking and walking.

This is the kind of long-range planning that will set the foundation for major changes in Washington County. I’ll share more updates as the process moves along. For now, you can do some homework of your own by perusing Washington County’s Transportation Plan website.

Here’s the full list of Washington County Transportation Plan Update Citizen’s Advisory Commitee members:

(Affliations listed above include information from a PDF of the Washington County Board Agenda from December 20th.)

— Read more Washington County bike news here. Contact Will Vanlue, will [at] with tips and feedback.

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Carla Axtman
12 years ago

I really hope these groups can push Washington County into a place of smart, bike-friendly transportation infrastructures. But based on the way they treat their own Planning Commission, it seems highly unlikely.

Best of luck, either way.

Jim Hook
Jim Hook
12 years ago

Thank you and good luck!

You only gave affiliations for two of the members. I note you are on the committee as well. Obviously you are a BikePortland contributor.

What other constituencies are represented? Is ODOT involved?

A lot of trips through Washington County start and end in other counties. For example, my commute starts in Clackamas County and ends in Multnomah County. I encourage you to coordinate with other Metro counties.

12 years ago

Ernie Conway is also a member of the Beaverton Bicycle Advisory Committee.