The Monday Roundup

Here’s the news from around the world that caught my eye in the last week:

– A look at the Slow Bike Movement, which means not just riding slowly, but purchasing a slow bicycle.

– No slow bicycling here: A profile of a new bike courier company in bike-unfriendly Indianapolis.

– A new report shows a clear relationship between transportation and housing costs.

– In bike share news this week: A look at what makes Dublin’s system successful. Researchers in Barcelona quantify lives saved due to reduced emissions. And Streetfilms sings the praises of D.C.’s newly expanded system.

– In Monufiya, Egypt, a network of bike lanes and sidewalks is planned for all of the city’s main streets as a way to reduce car traffic.

– Edmonton, Alberta is planning to spend $100 million on bike infrastructure in the next ten years, including a million this year.

Instead of banning bicycles on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, they’ve put down lane markings to separate biking and walking.

– In New Haven, a bicycle repair shop has opened that is self contained in a sidewalk cart.

– In Mississippi, a woman runs into someone bicycling on the side of the road, stops, runs over her again — and is charged with a misdemeanor.

– An update on the trial of the man in San Francisco who is being charged with running down four people on bikes a few blocks apart last year.

– In case you haven’t yet seen it: The story of the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania defending his city’s bike lanes with a tank and a populist speech.

– This has nothing to do with bikes, but we’d be doing you a disservice not to share that at a Netherlands train station in a disadvantaged neighborhood one of your options for arriving quickly at the underground platform is to slide down a slide, like at the playground.

Video of the Week: A news report on bicycling in Jakarta, Indonesia shows a weekly ciclovia, a misplaced bike lane, and a cycling organization 50,000 riders strong…

— For more great bike links throughout the week, follow @BikePortland on Twitter.

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11 years ago

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make a consumer or fashion statement, but you could do one better than the “slow biking movement” by riding at a gentle pace in the attire and on the bike you already own and find comfortable.

11 years ago

I hope that the driver that ran over Jan Morgan TWICE but has gotten off with a wrist slap can’t get his/her auto insurance renewed and that no other company will sell them a policy without steep fees AND some sort of black box recorder AND remote monitoring.

In JM’s post Final weeks to comment on ODOT’s Traffic Safety Action Plan

11 years ago

In JM’s post Final weeks to comment on ODOT’s Traffic Safety Action Plan he states “… traffic crashes in Oregon result in an estimated $2.58 billion in total economic loss —that’s about $657 dollars per Oregon resident*.”

11 years ago
Reply to  q`Tza

Grrr stupid phone keyboard

…$657 per death.

Current cost of TriMet all zone 1 month pass -$88
Current price of same as annual pass -> 11*$88=$968
Cost of incarceration per person per year > $45,000

Chris Shaffer
Chris Shaffer
11 years ago

I have a slow bike and I like it.