DOT Sec Ray LaHood’s latest “On the Go” talks bike safety, bike-sharing

We’ve got to hand it to US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood. Whether it’s showing panache by hopping up on a table for a speech at the National Bike Summit, or creating a buzz about biking on Huffington Post — this guy understands how to communicate and he keeps bicycles in the limelight while doing so.

In that same vein, Sec. LaHood just released his latest “On the Go” video where he answers questions posed to him via Facebook, Twitter, or on his “Fast Lane” blog. One of the three questions he answered had to do with bicycles. Someone asked, “Is DOT improving bicycle infrastructure? Bikes are for transportation, not just recreation.”

LaHood’s answer included a mention of his calls for safety when people on bikes are on the road, the rising popularity of bike-sharing, and more. We spliced the YouTube video so you can watch just his answer to the bike question…

We know this isn’t earth-shattering news, but to have the US DOT Secretary be this accessible and responsive is pretty awesome.

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11 years ago

True, it is not a ground shaking statement perhaps but, messages like this can only be a plus. Gone are the days of “Public Service Announcements”. In the modern realm it seems to me that folks only seek out the news&views they can use. There are few media venues for inclusive ideas to be presented [without a commercial barrage] barring this type of well needed but simple news.

Alan 1.0
Alan 1.0
11 years ago

Thank you, Jonathon, very welcome content.

kenny heggem
11 years ago

I like that he mentioned being called a ‘hipster” and not knowing what that means. Good stuff! ; ) I think it is a new era and great sign that the main man behind transportation is speaking so in favor of more bike and rail enhancements. Imagine 80% connection rail in 25 years? We would catch up with Europe.