Creativity reigns at Summer BikeCraft: Coming this Saturday!

Shaun Deller’s hats are back!

Pedalpalooza culminates this Saturday (6/27) with the infamous, one-of-a-kind Multnomah County Bike Fair. I know, you’re sad because that means eleven long months of waiting for next year will commence — but, you can keep the spirit alive, and remind yourself and the world of your love for bike fun. Come check out some of the unique goods from our BikeCrafters who will be selling their wares in the BikeCraft section of the MCBF Midway.

Summer BikeCraft at the Bike Fair is going to be awesome.

Last month we highlighted some of the amazing, creative Portland-based crafters who are planning to bring their bike accessories and bike themed crafts. See a few more pics of what’s in store, and a full list of confirmed crafters below the jump.

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We have some exciting, newly confirmed crafters:

A Mumbreeze bicycle figurine

a.bug – Margaret Cunningham’s new on the scene with her lovingly “decycled” and very fancy bike tube accessories.
Cycle Dog – Collars and leashes made from reclaimed bike tires and tubes.
Deller Designs – Shaun Deller will be back with his ever popular, classy hats made out of old wool trousers. He’ll bring a wide range of his designs and his discount rummage bin.
Mumbreeze – Kinya and Kao Hanada make little papier maché bike figurines.
Sown Textile Designs – Another newcomer to BikeCraft, with cool looking hand-sewn messenger bags.

And here are the rest of the crafters whose work you’ll see at the fair:

Top tube bags made from
old signs by Upcycle 27

1 by Liz – Popular clocks and magnets made from chain rings
Becca Bikes – t-shirts depicting scenes of true bike love
Becky Morton – t-shirts and spokecards
Ben Parsons – colorful screenprints showing bike scenes around Portland
Bike Cozy – “accessories for the fashionably practical rider”
bIKE pUNK – “Get off your gass and ride!” stickers, shirts, sweatshirts, patches
CityBikes – Portland’s original cooperative, worker owned bike shop will be selling handmade bike buckets, saddles, t-shirts, stickers, and shirts
CoG – a collective of artists who love bikes and make bike hats and bike related clothing and bike related art.
Fun Reflector – reflective stickers for your bike and gear, with fun and fancy shapes
Megan Denton – handsewn u-lock holders and shoe straps
Microcosm Publishing – bike-oriented books, zines, patches, stickers, and t-shirts
MMM Werk – custom altered bike pants
Tomas Quinones – duct tape handlebar bags (we profiled these back in March)
Upcycle 27 – Rebecca James makes clothes, patches, and prints with bike and DIY themes

BikeCraft will be in excellent company on the Midway at MCBF, joining such luminaries as a whole new Bike Kids section of the fair, the Portland Mercury (their booth is rumored to contain serious quantities of good clean wacky fun), and Jeff Bernards’ ever popular Protect Your World booth purveying extremely affordable bike helmet and lights.

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