Oregon Public Broadcasting focuses lens on biking

Posted by on March 23rd, 2009 at 2:54 pm

OPB’s Oregon Field Guide
has a major crush on biking.

Oregon Public Broadcasting’s (OPB) Oregon Field Guide program has begun to reflect our state’s decidedly bike-centric personality.

The program, which covers all of Oregon’s natural, artistic, and social splendor, has had several segments devoted to biking recently.

Back in February, the show featured Cascade Huts, the hut-to-hut mountain biking company based up on Mt. Hood that opened back in 2007. Watch that episode here.

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I also received an email recently from OPB spokesperson Carol Howard. She got in touch to remind me to tune to the show this Thursday (8:30pm, 3/26) for a segment on biking in Portland. Here’s the description posted on the Field Guide website:

“Portland boasts more bicycle riders than most U.S. cities so it’s no wonder city planners are doing all they can to make the area as bike friendly as possible.”

In addition, I’ve gotten word that OPB crews will be on hand to document the pain and glory of the upcoming De Ronde Van Oeste Portlandia ride for a future Field Guide segment.

Oregon Field Guide is an excellent program and it’s great to see them notice Oregon’s biking bounty. Learn more about the program here.

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matt picio

Oregon Field Guide also did a piece on Cycle Oregon 2007 (I think it aired early in 2008).


Oregon Field Guide is, like, the best show ever. Seriously, it is excellent. And you can watch it on the web at opb.org.


“Oregon Field Guide is, like, the best show ever”

I fully agree… OFG has no equal.

The closest thing I can think of is the Marty Stouffer’s Wild America show. That show seemed to be solely about looking at the animals and pretty landscape on the teevee, though.

Oregon Field Guide has always been showing the things on teevee and saying, “This is where it is. You can go there too.”

It shows fun things to do that other people are doing. Issues to be aware of and get involved in.

Oregon Field Guide is about participating in Oregon’s outdoor life instead of just looking at it from my living room.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)

i agree with folks above about Oregon Field Guide… I didn’t want to gush too much in the story (it wouldn’t be journalist-like of me)… but that show is such a pleasure to watch. They can make oysters in the mud absolutely engaging and interesting.


I’d get more giddy seeing Steve Amen walk by then any other super star I could think of.


Crap, well, maybe except Jonathan Maus… I’d like to shake Obama’s hand… gah, nevermind. I’m on a tangent.

Ron Strasser

OK you bikers. I got in touch with Field Guide last December and told them that they needed to cover “CYCLOCROSS” in Oregon and especially the “Cyclocross Crusade”. They seemed quite interested as I gave them information regarding the fact it was the largest cyclocross series in the WORLD with regard to numbers as well as a “family” event. They also were given the OBRA and CROSS CRUSADE websites to access info. I told them get in touch with me if they had any more questions. I also told them I had videos they could borrow to check out etc. Maybe more people that love cross could contact them at this time so they would be fully prepared for some coverage come September…. They could include the clinics as well as races and then maybe we would actually get to sit in front of the teevee and watch a show in a year or so. So go to ww.opb.org and navigate to OFG and tell Vince Patton, Steve Amen etc. that Cross is a festival they need to share with viewers. I know it is on their radar… they just need more positive input and we can all help in that manner. Of course we all know it would only take one day of exposure to cross racing for them to fully understand how powerful the cross spell has on people, we can’t wait for the season to begin for them to be prepared to cover the “way of life”
ron the blue healer