The Bicyclists; coming to a theater (and billboard) near you

Cast photo.
(Photo: Craftmaster Productions)

I first reported about The Bicyclist back in February of 2007 — just before the Internet-only “webisode” premiered. Since then, Craftmaster Productions has filmed 30 episodes of the series, which follows the adventures of its four main characters Conrad (Jayme S. Hall), Steve (Elle Poindexter), Lissa (Melissa Goad), and Zack (Paul Glazier) as their lives weave and wend through Portland’s bike culture.

But there’s much more to The Bicyclist than just the hit web series (which their website calls “a cycling soap opera”). Writer and producer Carl Jameson recently got in touch to share the big news that they’ve just wrapped up filming of a full-length feature film, The Bicyclists (notice the “s” on the end), that’s based on the series. Jameson says they’re editing the film now and plan for a release in early 2009.

They’ve also launched a spin-off of The Bicyclist called Spare Parts, a series of “mini-documentaries” that feature interviews and stories on the people and groups behind Portland’s bike scene. A recent episode profiled the Portland’s all-Schwinn bike gang The Belligerantes. Check it out…

In addition to these new projects and a new website, Producer Sharon Jameson has set up a deal with Clear Channel Outdoor to put The Bicylist logo on “Share the Road” billboards throughout the city…

(Image: Clear Channel Outdoor)

Jameson took Clear Channel’s Brad Parsons up on his offer to work with the community by offering reduced cost billboards.

It’s great to see Sharon and Carl Jameson’s work continue to flourish. Their film, webisodes, and mini-documentaries join an already abundant crop of local filmmakers who have focused their lenses on Portland’s bike culture. Veer, another feature documentary that chronicles bikes in Portland is also set for release in Spring. And don’t forget about Portland’s home-grown bike film festivals that give everyone a chance to sit in the director’s chair — Filmed by Bike and Bike Porn.
Craftmaster Productions
— Check out The Bicyclists on IMBD.

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14 years ago

Great Job Guys!

Looking forward to catching up with my episodes…

Dan Kaufman
14 years ago

I can’t wait to see the it on the big screen. Keep us posted!

14 years ago

Cool; sounds great. Am I going to have to travel all the way to Portland to see this though? Not that it would be a bad thing; I need an excuse to visit Portland soon.

14 years ago

Where are the comments about Clear Channel pandering to the cycling community?

Mike Bratty
Mike Bratty
14 years ago

In no way, shape, or form would I like to be associated with Clear Channel on any project I worked on! Good luck anyway.