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Adams to hold public forum, will ask Council for more bike safety funds

Posted by on November 8th, 2007 at 6:28 pm

Commissioner Adams has announced a public forum on bike safety to take place Wednesday (11/14).

From the introduction to a post on

“..we want to the public to know about what we’ve been doing in our office both in response to these specific tragedies, and to ensure that similar tragedies are prevented at all problem intersections in the future…”

And here are some of the “immediate steps” they are taking:

1. Fast-tracking and moving forward with immediate bike safety engineering fixes for SW Burnside and 14th and N Greeley and Interstate.

4. Requesting that Portland City Council to immediately fund $200,000 worth of new bike safety improvements.

5. Authorizing and unrolling a new pilot program for “bike boxes” – an innovative bike safety improvement used in many other parts of the world, but not yet in our neck of the woods – which would get bicycles in front of auto traffic at stop lights (instead of next to or to the right of automobiles) and prevent vehicular right turns on red.

The public forum will, “actively soliciting public testimony to hear whatever you have to say about bicycle safety in the city of Portland.”

The public is invited testimony will take place in front of Sam’s Bike Safety Committee (the same group that was at the “emergency” meeting).

Here are the details:

    Public testimony – Bike Safety Committee
    Wednesday, November 14th, 7:00pm
    Portland Bldg, Room C (2nd Fl., SW 5th and Jefferson)

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Let me just say this one more time…OK, I\’ll be saying this many more times:

Sam for Mayor!!


Kruger should be off the Bike Safety Committee, and police accountability should be on the agenda


Where is the mention of Police Policy reform?

Along with fixing safety issues, the public needs to know that they are safe, and that they also will be held accountable for their actions.

None of these safety \”fixes \” will matter if people do not feel they will be held accountable.

As was shown in the news coverage of drivers going around to the right the recent closure at Interstate and Going.
many of our citizens now know (since they police have proven to them) they can drive and act however they want.!

I for one will not be jumping onto any \”political\” bandwagon, while realizing that it may still run me over, with a great chance of my own death.

Matt Picio

One important policy change would be to require a police investigation of a crash if any of the involved parties is removed from the scene in an ambulance.


Could we advocate for a change in policy that police will investigate and issue citations in any traffic crash where a vulnerable road user\’s life has been endangered, regardless of the effective injuries?

I assume that this is the reason that police investigates shootings, regardless whether anyone got hurt. It just shows we as a society cares about people\’s lives.

Martha R
Martha R

Our society has a history of relying on engineering fixes to make roads safer because there\’s an underlying assumption that we can\’t change the way people behave (the only reason why we need speedbumps is because people routinely get away with speeding). It\’s time to stop trying to make roads foolproof, and to start trying to change fools\’ behavior.

As much as I\’d like to see a major investment in bicycle facilities, I\’d rather see that money go to public education campaigns, police training (to educate them about urban cycling and the law), and improved traffic enforcement.

Metal Cowboy

I will be there to give my testimony about enforcement, funding, education – I will also be there to invite Sam and others to the Friday rally and to hand each committee member and the public our transportation equality/cyclists civil rights and responsibilities document. It\’s chance to alert the media of our rally/ride and rights proclamation.
Hope to see you there to add your voice.
Joe Metal Cowboy Kurmaskie


As mayor, Sam would be Police Commissioner. What is his position regarding enforcing the law regarding cyclists\’ statutory right of way in the bike lane? I haven\’t heard him say anything.
As a longtime City Hall insider, will we simply get more of the same BS?


Yay! Another forum!

Does Sam have a mission statement yet? I hope we can do some long term visioning and then open up the topics for some discussion. Can someone be sure to mention that Sam is running for Mayor? Be sure to get some photos of him in his spiffy suit, with his quirky glasses on. I love Portland!