Don’t miss tomorrow’s Transportation Film Fest

Bucks for BMX benefit screening

Tomorrow at the Bagdad Theater is the free Film Celebration of Portland Transportation. The event runs from 2-4pm and it promises to be a great show. There will be 11 short, locally made films and talks from various transportation insiders, including Chris Smith from Portland Transport and Scott Cohen from Portland State University who will speak about the history of bicycles in Portland.

Some of the films slated for screening include:

In addition there will be premieres of two brand new films. One of them is called Transportation Diversity, which was made by fledgling filmmaker Dan Kaufman and features yours truly in some on-camera interviews with several transportation bigwigs.

>>Here’s a teaser clip of Dan’s film.

I’m also excited for a photo montage put together by BikeTv’s Clarence Eckerson and Elizabeth Marsh just for this event. It’s called “Bike Scenes from” Check out a preview here. It’s always cool to see my photos up on a big screen!

Clarence will also debut a brand new film celebrating Portland’s transportation system that he says is probably the best film he’s ever done. He gave me an exclusive, one-minute teaser. Check it out.

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Tom K
16 years ago

Kudos to Scott, all of the filmakers and to Greg Raisman for his work in putting this together! I had a good time…busted my real axle on my way home, but it was worth it.