State Rep. to push for “Eric’s Law”

In response to the tragic death of local cyclist Eric Kautzky, State Representative Jerry Krummel (seen at right) plans to push for “Eric’ Law” in the 2007 legislative session. According to Krummel:

“I plan to push legislation at the state level to encourage other counties to offer these memorial signs. We are also looking at ways to increase penalties targeted at “sleepy” drivers. Once we get the bill introduced it will be called “Eric’s Law.””

[Rep. Krummel at Sunday’s ceremony.
Photos courtesy of Krummel’s office.]

On Sunday Krummel attended a ceremony and sign installation on Tualitin-Sherwood Highway that commemorates the location where Kautzky was killed.

KATU-TV filed this report on the ceremony.

[Thanks to Krummel’s office for these photos.]

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16 years ago

Once again, twice in two or htree days, I make a plea for a memorial sign at the spot of Kristine’s death.
This is a highly visual, and passed by thousands spot, in the middle of downtown Portland, 1 block from the square.
This is the kind of reminder we need.
In the face, we are here, be careful type of reminder.
Thank You,

16 years ago

I am interested in the pair of signs: “Share the Road” & “In Memory of Eric Kautsky.” How did they get there? Is that a state road, county road, or city street? Who has jurisdiction? Who makes the decision about what signs can be posted? What is the process for applying for such a sign/pair of signs? Who pays for the signs and for the installation/labor? Who got the ball rolling on this, and would they be willing to share the steps they had to follow to get those signs approved, designed, manufactured, and installed?

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
16 years ago


The signs were the result of a push by State Rep. Jerry Krummel. I’ve emailed your comment to their office in hopes they can tell you more.

As for your other questions, I’m sure someone from PDOT can chime in…

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
16 years ago

Here’s more on the signs from Dawn Phillips, Chief of Staff for Rep. Krummel:

Jonathan — these are all great questions! And we looked at the same issues over the past year as we worked on getting something posted to honor the victim.

This sign is on Tualatin-Sherwood Road, which is a county road. Washington County Land Use & Transportation Department has jurisdiction
and they make the decisions about what signs can be posted.

However, most counties are reluctant to put up a new format of sign without making sure it complies with state standards. In other words if ODOT doesn’t have standards allowing creation of this type of sign then a county and/or city would be less likely to put up similar signs.

That’s why Rep Krummel is introducing legislation to change the sign law at the state level so local governments would be covered.

Washington County decided to work outside the box and draft their own policy and hopefully we can use that policy as a model for ODOT to follow. In the County policy the signs cost $200 each. We expect families who request these signs (to remember their loved ones) will cover the cost.

As for who got the ball rolling? Eric Kautzky’s widow, Lorna, gave us the idea. Rep Krummel and I took it from there and encouraged Washington County to do something. And they did!

The credit for getting the signs approved, manufactured, and installed really goes to Kathy Lehtola, Director of the County Land Use and Transportation Department and an avid cyclist herself.

Please let us know if you have further questions. We are happy to share and want to build support.