July named Bike Month at City Hall

bike rack at City Hall

I recently found out that each month, during the First Thursdays celebration, Commissioner Sams Adams‘ office has a celebration around a different theme. They’ve chosen July as bike month and they want to showcase the Portland bike scene.

Beyond just Sam’s office, the goal is to get other Commissioners on board, reserve the atrium and patio, and turn City Hall into Bike love nirvana.

Keeping in the tradition of First Thursday, the focus will be on art. We’ll hang bike-themed paintings, photographs and place sculptures and other works throughout the offices. I already know a few talented folks that create amazing, bike-themed arts and crafts, but if you know of others, please get in touch.

In addition to art, I’d like to organize some local, custom framebuilders to share their craft. We have a thriving custom framebuilders scene here in Portland and I think the historical City Hall atrium would be a tremendous setting for their work.

So consider this a preliminary notice to save Thursday, July 6th on your calendar…and stay tuned for more developments!

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16 years ago

I think the framebuilder showcase idea is excellent!