Puppet parade bike move

Puppet parade bike move

The bike move crew was it again today…and this time, it was all about puppets. Bruce Orr and Carla Forte are local artists and puppeteers who needed to move their stuff (which included a bunch of silly puppet props) from the Mississippi area to St. Johns.

The puppets definitely added to the usual silliness and fun. Here’s a few notes and links to photos:

It was a fantastic day to move by bike!

I took hundreds of photos (I know, I’m sick) but went through and selected just the very best ones for my Puppet Parade Bike Move photo gallery. Hope you enjoy the photos and maybe we’ll see you out there next time.

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16 years ago

And I even g-mapped the route!
Turns out the route was approx. 7 miles, though everyone thought it was 9.

16 years ago

Thank you all for such a wonderful, memory filled day! Jonathon your pictures are amazing, you truly captured everything that was going on. I am so appreciative!

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
16 years ago

Michael Jones made a little movie.

16 years ago

so proud to have the best car free padrino ever…