Cast your vote to keep bikes in the budget

Clear your calendars for December 13th in order to speak up for bikes. If we don’t show up to this public forum on Tuesday night, funding for bike programs cut be at risk.

According to the BTA’s Jessica Roberts:

“This forum will directly influence which PDOT programs and services get cut. There will be live electronic voting on transportation funding priorities. It’s essential that bicyclists be well-represented, or we run the risk of bicycling programs being cut.”

Here are the event details:

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
5:30 – 7:00pm
World Trade Center
Plaza Conference Room
121 S.W. Salmon Street, Portland
Doors open at 5:00pm

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Kevin Coulter
Kevin Coulter
16 years ago

Funding for Bicycles should not be cut, it should be increased!. As more and more people ride more and more issues will arise. These issues (as with everything) will take money to resolve. Some of these issues will be logistical, some will be maintenance related, and some will be saftey. All of which are important to riders and drivers alike. Portland is well known for it cycling community and has many bike friendly streets and paths. We need to keep it that way and increase the bike friendlyness of Portland to make it safer for everyone on the streets. There will only be more riders on the road and everyone deserves safer streets and paths.

How many riders have been hurt or killed in bicycle/car accidents lately whether on a road or path? The number is increasing and the causes are many. From driver fault to rider fault to path maintenance neglegance to an unfriendly, improperly marked road. The list goes on.

Portland has come alot further then other big cites to comingling with avid and novice cyclists alike and only funding will only increase the safeyness of riders on our roads and paths.