Stolen: Mongoose

I had my ten year old Specialized stolen last wed. I really loved the the bike but hadn’t put any really hard miles on it until I moved to PDX. I just started to bike as a full time mode of transport this spring and I really started to love my Specialized as I know the difference between riding a good bike and pap.

Two weeks ago my Rockhopper was stolen (someone cut my lock) I was heartbroken. I filed a report and kind of got over it. Then two days later I bought a used Mongoose from the Community Cycling Center. I had it for less than two weeks when it was taken in what was basicly a snatch and grab. it wasn’t locked but was less then Five feet from me and I let it out of my sight for less than five seconds. They also got my checkbook, my wallet, all or my credit cards and much more. The model # for my Mongoose is 938258

the serial # for it is m99x0354903 I think as the seller added an / through some 0s and not on others.

The Serial # on my Specialized is PQ546400 . In the last theaft they also got my checkbook, my wallet with all of my credit cards ans prety much everything as far as my identidy. please help.

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16 years ago

I’ve never had a bike stolen (knock on plastic keyboard) and I’ve always considered myself very very fortunate (wheels, however, yes).

Dang, this is a really, really sorry case. Sorry to hear about your streak of misfortune.