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Local bike leaders off to Amsterdam

Posted by on October 20th, 2005 at 12:35 am

City leaders and key bike advocates are headed to Amsterdam next week. The trip was Sam Adams’ idea and the goal will be to learn how Amsterdam’s government officials and planners have been so successful at creating thriving urban cities that encourage people to get out of their cars. Jessica Roberts of the BTA hopes the trip will be, “an inspiration, and that it will expand our sense of the possible. Portland is the perfect place to bring some of the techniques successfully used in Europe.”

Here’s a partial list of who will represent us:

  • Sam Adams, city commissioner in charge of Transportation
  • Tom Miller, Sam’s chief of staff
  • Roger Geller, City of Portland Bicycle Coordinator
  • Evan Manvel, Executive Director of the BTA
  • Jessica Roberts, BTA Metro Area Advocate
  • Scott Bricker, BTA Policy Director
  • Jeff Mapes, senior writer for the Oregonian

I think that’s a list that we can all be proud of! I’ll be working with Jessica to bring you updates and photos of the trip. Stay tuned.

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Chris Smith

There’s a transportation advocate/blogger going too 🙂

Watch for daily updates from the trip on Portland Transport starting Tuesday or so when we arrive in Prague.


[…] [This post is from international correspondent, Jessica Roberts of the BTA. She’s in Amsterdam with a delegation of Portland bike advocates. More info on their trip can be found here.] […]


[…] It was also ironic that while I’m listening to the most bike-unfriendly (yet most powerful) transportation agency in the state, a delegation of Portland planning and transportation advocates is in Amsterdam, where bikes are completely embraced, understood and respected as not only a viable mode, but one that shows great promise for a safe, efficient, healthy future for our cities. […]


[…] Don’t miss this article by Jeff Mapes in today’s “inPortland” section of the Oregonian. Jeff (who is working on a book about how bikes are transforming cities around the world) accompanied the delegation of local bike advocates that went to Netherlands last month. […]


[…] Portland has been given the opening slot to kick off the National Bike Summit being held March 1-3 in Washington D.C.. According to the official schedule, a “distinguished panel of Oregonians” will be telling the crowd (a who’s who of advocates, lobbyists and industry leaders) how to make their communities more bike-friendly and how to apply lessons they learned from their recent trip to Amsterdam. […]


[…] As has been previously reported on many Portland blogs, Amsterdam is the foremost cycling city in the world. I was fortunate enough to witness this firsthand. Many people believe that Portland should aspire to the cycling standards of Amsterdam. Count me as one of those people. […]


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