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Pedalpalooza Daily: Monday, June 20th

A ride just for dads today at 1:00.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Happy Monday Pedalpalooza fans! Today you’ll find a swell selection of rides including fun on a bike for stay-at-home dads, tree lovers, and even a special ride for folks named any permutation of the name Aaron.

Check out the the full slate below and stay tuned to our Pedalpalooza page for for more photos and recaps from all the great rides happening around town…

Pedalpalooza Daily: Friday, June 17th

Get Lost Ride -9

You never know where you’ll end
up on the Get Lost ride (tonight at 6).
(Photos © J. Maus)

I had a great time just editing up today’s list of rides. The bike hijinks of Pedalpalooza continue with a slew of rides for every taste and style. From small bikes to tall bikes, explosions, tea and tree forts — and even some fun in the ‘Couv! Today should be another very good day.

And remember, I’m posting ride recaps and photos over on the Pedalpalooza 2011 page.

12:00pm OMSI Science Ride
Our ride will start at noon at OMSI (1945 SE Water Ave) with some sciency fun while we wait for everyone to gather. Our meeting spot is in the parking lot behind the PEPCO building. This is the white building just north of OMSI. If you’re riding along the esplanade you’ll see us and we’ll put up some signs to help. We’ll hit the road around 12:30 for a casual ride with some science stops along the way. We’ll make a loop and return to omsi and take a behind the scenes tour of our exhibit-building workshop. Then we’ll make some liquid nitrogen ice cream, and have at least one big explosion.