With departure of executive director, Oregon Walks will push even harder for racial justice

Oregon Walks Executive Director Jess Thompson announced Wednesday morning she’s leaving to take a job as leader of a nonprofit in Hawaii. The move will further hasten the organization’s shift away from traditional walking advocacy and toward anti-racism work that centers racial and social justice. Thompson was hired in October 2018 to lead Oregon Walks, … Read more

Walking advocacy group honors Don’t Shoot PDX with ‘Walkstar’ award

In the latest sign of evolution in the transportation advocacy world, Portland-based nonprofit Oregon Walks has named Don’t Shoot PDX as a winner of one of their ‘2020 Oregon Walkstar’ awards. Don’t Shoot PDX formed in 2014 in response to the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The group has been on the … Read more

Nonprofit leaders say Portland streets aren’t ‘open’ for all

While some Portlanders ride bikes and walk around their neighborhoods with relative ease, that ostensibly simple act isn’t so easy for many others. Local nonprofit leaders who work with immigrants, people of color, and families that rely on social services, paint a much different picture of neighborhood mobility. In the case of Oregon Walks, Executive … Read more

Portland Mayor fears more people in the street, Oakland Mayor embraces them

It’s been a rip-roaring 24 hours in the streets activism world. We’ve seen Portland’s Mayor say “no” to adapting streets to be in line with Covid-19-induced behaviors. We’ve seen the City of Oakland become a national sensation for saying the opposite. We’ve had some important chats about how groups that work with people of color … Read more