Build It Rally at City Hall – Slideshow and recap

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward
Build It - Bike Plan Rally-23

Build It!
– Slideshow below –
(Photos © J. Maus)

The “Build It” rally outside City Hall in support of the 2030 Bike Plan just finished up and now folks are settling in for the big hearing.

The rally was an informal affair with many supporters (150-200?) holding signs. They all sang Devo’s “Whip It,” substituting “Build It” at the appropriate time. There were a lot of very enthusiastic supporters of the plan. Bike Gallery owner and Bike Plan Steering Committee Co-Chair Jay Graves told me he is “Cautiously optimistic” about how it will go inside Council Chambers. “With all the negative media coverage… But this is Portland, I’m hopeful.”

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Guest Editorial from the BTA: Together, we can get this thing built

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

[Publisher’s note: This op-ed was written the staff and board of directors of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to kick off their new “Build It” campaign that was launched this morning in downtown Portland (stay tuned for more coverage).]

Official campaign logo

For years the momentum has been growing.  There have been more bikes 
on the road, more representation at city hall and in Salem.  And from
 all walks of life, there has been a growing movement of cyclists.

 Or more specifically, people who ride bikes.

 For the last two years, the City of Portland has been crafting their
 Bike Master Plan, which would point the way to increased facilities 
and funding for cycling.  We came together once as a community when
 the plan itself was at risk.  But now, the plan is up for a vote, and
 we are poised for a major victory in the national cycling movement.

That’s right.  A national victory.

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