Job: Bike Ambassador – BikeLoud PDX

Job Title

Bike Ambassador

Company / Organization

BikeLoud PDX

Job Description

Over the past 4 years BikeLoud has grown by over 400%. We are looking for Portlanders to help us continue to grow our membership and connect our communities to advocate for better bicycling policies and infrastructure.

BikeLoud is excited to start our Bike Ambassador program with four geographic positions. These roles will last from June, July, and August with the potential to continue. Each of the four local election districts will have an Ambassador role assigned to it. These Ambassadors will help organize BikeLoud summer social events and promote BikeLoud around their community.

Each Ambassador will have the choice to use a Tern Quick Haul from the BikeLoud fleet for personal and advocacy use and have access to bike advocacy supplies as well as a $100/monthly stipend.

Each Bike Ambassador will organize a monthly social event and engage with their district to improve bicycling. We will work with ambassadors to empower them to use Portland’s PDX reporter and our bike lane sweeper.


-Experienced bicyclist, with good knowledge of traffic laws and excellent safety skills.

-Ability to work in diverse communities.

-Social and dependable.

-Ability to learn and use Slack for communication.

-Must be able to represent BikeLoud PDX with appropriate judgment when interacting with others both inside and outside BikeLoud PDX.

-Positions report to the BikeLoud Board

How to Apply

Please send a 2-6 paragraph cover letter on why you would be a good fit to be an ambassador to