The “driving selfies” phenomenon in Portland

Here’s the link to that study. We’re not in the top 10, but also not in the bottom 10.

I was curious about how this phenomenon was playing out in Portland so I did some searching on Instagram…

I only had to go back two weeks to find pictures taken by drivers on the Marquam Bridge:

There are tons of pictures tagged ‘Hawthorne Bridge’, I had to go back perhaps a few hundred photos before I found a picture that was obviously taken by a driver from a moving car (there were some “hey, the bridge is up” pictures).


I had to go back 4 weeks to find any from the Ross Island Bridge.

I only had to go back a week for the Fremont Bridge:

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7 years ago

when I was doing the online dating thing I would immediately rule out anybody with a driving selfie or other car pic in their photo album… it would save us both the hassle…

Eric Leifsdad
Eric Leifsdad
7 years ago

When over a quarter of your waking life is about a thing and an eighth is spent with it.

B. Carfree
B. Carfree
7 years ago

A culture that refuses to face facts (notably the inexcusable loss of life and limb caused by incompetent driving) will have difficulty responding appropriately. As more and more motorists adopt the notion that they need not obey any laws whatsoever and more and more people are killed, will we ever face up to the reality that we must enforce our laws? We don’t necessarily need to raise the penalties, though that would be nice, we just need to enforce them so that people begin to expect to be cited when they take a driving selfie or roll a stop sign or red light.

Dan A
Dan A
7 years ago

I regularly see pictures posted on FB from friends or friends of friends who are driving while taking the picture. I’ve scolded some of them, but clearly I’m in the minority.