Final open house for Mt. Hood bike and walk plan is June 1st

We haven’t been able to do a full story about this plan yet, but we wanted to let you know about this open house. If you ride, live or work up near Mt. Hood, be sure to chime in about the bike/ped plan they’re working on.

I’ve pasted some salient info about the plan and the June 1st open hosue below.

The Villages at Mount Hood are home to over 5,000 permanent residents, and the surrounding area serves thousands of recreational users every year. Visitors from the Portland area come to enjoy its mix of uses, including biking and hiking. Clackamas County aims to increase transportation choices – especially bicycling and walking – to support the needs of The Villages communities along the US 26 corridor within the communities of Brightwood, Welches, Wemme, Zigzag, and Rhododendron.

Clackamas County has initiated Walk & Bike The Villages at Mt. Hood to identify and promote safe travel options within and between communities on Mt. Hood. Currently, area residents and visitors have few travel options besides personal vehicles because local roadways are narrow, and lack shoulders and bikeways. The project will help identify where shoulders and bikeways are most needed and prioritize the necessary improvements.

The project will closely coordinate with the Mt. Hood Express transit service to identify pedestrian and bikeway facilities to support access to transit. Finally, the project is also working directly with local schools to develop a Safe Routes to Schools Plan to ensure that the travel needs of school children are considered.

The final public OPEN HOUSE for the Villages at Mt. Hood Pedestrian and Bikeway Implementation Plan Project is June 1st at The Resort at the Mountain from 5:30-7:00PM. Please see the attached notice for the Open House.

We had a great turnout for the first Open House and are hoping to see all of you and others at this second and final Open House. At the last Open House you helped us prioritize the various solutions to improving the pedestrian and bicycle environment in the Villages. Come and see the prioritized lists and discuss how we move forward with implementation of the proposed project solutions.

Please consider attending this event. Note that the Draft Villages at Mt. Hood Pedestrian and Bikeway Implementation Plan will be available on the project website; ( the day of the Open House, June 1st. (Hard copies of the plan will be available at the Open House.)

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