Steel Bridge homeless camp update, Feb 25

I’ve been occasionally posting the views of the Steel Bridge homeless camp.
My last update was February 3rd; the police told the camp to vacate on Feb 2. They didn’t.

Yesterday morning (Feb 25) the city removed the camp. They took out five dumpsters of garbage and found stolen computer gear. A bunch of bike serials were run through the BikeIndex, one was confirmed as stolen.

Here’s the aftermath of the camp cleanup, a train, and heavy bike commute traffic.

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Anne Hawley
Anne Hawley
7 years ago

Thanks for the update. All those tents and stuff on the side of the path north of the Steel: did people just move a few yards across the tracks?

Any idea where the people camping did go?

Forum Law Group LLC - Bicycle Law
7 years ago

Dumpster in path and gravel in path (spilling from under the storage container) are still there. Seems to be some finger pointing re whether Parks and/or Mayor’s office is responsible for the ongoing hazard.

7 years ago

Houseless advocates I know tell me people often move out to the Gresham area when they’re swept out of close – in.