Skatepark supporters to break ground on Steel Bridge Skatepark

via Steel Bridge Skatepark:

Rendering: DAO Architecture

The Steel Bridge Skatepark is considered the “Crown Jewel” of 2005 city council approved City of Portland Skatepark Master Plan, but has never seen any action from the City of Portland and just languished on a dusty shelf of plans. 

TODAY, Tuesday, July 12th, Portland Skaters and Skatepark Supporters will take action and will host a Symbolic Groundbreaking for the Steel Bridge Skatepark by pouring the first concrete of the new skatepark.  This Symbolic Groundbreaking for the Steel Bridge Skatepark is to bring awareness to NW Portland’s need for community space for all levels of skating skills and all walks of life!

The event will occur at 6:30pm at NW 1st and NW Flanders.  Speakers from the Street Trust, Community in Bowls, Advocates for Portland Skateparks, and others will be sharing thoughts as we break ground and pour the first concrete for the Steel Bridge Skatepark!

A procession of skaters will lead to the Steel Bridge Skatepark groundbreaking.  The procession will meet at 5:30pm at Salmon Street Fountain and depart at 6pm to head north along Better Naito to the Steel Bridge Skatepark site for the groundbreaking at 6:30pm


While the Steel Bridge Skatepark has not yet been built, the skatepark design has already won multiple national and international design awards for the work done by local firm, DAO Architecture. 

The Steel Bridge Skatepark award winning design is more accessible to skaters with a wider range of skills. Portland’s best skatepark, the “Crown Jewel” of the City of Protland Skatepark Master Plan, needs to be broadly accessible by public transportation.  The Steel Bridge Skatepark can be reached by numerous Max and Bus lines, creating a regional destination and space for active growth and learning by a diversity of skaters. Portland needs a world-class skatepark that can attract international skate events into the heart of our city and include spaces for families and spectators. 

The Old Town Community Association supports this plan, skaters support this plan, City Council has approved the Steel Bridge Skatepark…. Now the City of Portland just needs to build the Steel Bridge Skatepark!  Until then, Skate advocates will make progress by starting to break ground!

Burnside Skatepark is nearby and will be closed for several years during bridge reconstruction.  It is a park only for advanced skaters. Through a history of strong skater involvement, Portland is one of the best skateboarding cities in the country.  Now it’s time to have a world-class facility that reflects this status and is welcome to all skaters, regardless of skill or background. 

Interest in skating is on the rise including park skating, roller skating and other freewheel sports.  

Portland should do what it can to make sure that future Olympic champion skaters come from our city.

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1 year ago

Are they actually starting construction or is this just for publicity?