Steel Bridge homeless camp update, Feb 3

I went through the Steel Bridge area today- it’s been four days since last time I was through there during daylight, and supposedly there was a lot of rousting today, they were “told to leave“.

First, approaching the container. The dumpster has been moved so it is near the container, and all the trash is gone. There are tents on the former dumpster location. (compare to last time)


Second, under the main bridge. Looks like as many tents. (compare to last time, though the angle is different)

Third, on the way back, this shows the tents from the other side. There are bikes, including some buried away, but there are bikes out that are being used- showing the utility value of bikes (not simply the commodity value of them). Yes, there’s a big blob of water in the middle of the lens, it’s not just you.

Finally, here’s the video.

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bernie wick
bernie wick
8 years ago

I think the large tent population and the mess is awful and not helping anyone. The folks who live in the tents obviously are not going to move. They will continue to occupy the north entrance to the waterfront park making it an unpleasant way to get to the waterway and park for others who want to enjoy the beauty of the public walkway/bike path.

Betsy S
Betsy S
7 years ago

Are you serious Bernie? You are mad at homeless people for trying to stay dry? Because it makes the entrance to a hugely open and accessible park blocked slightly….. they are HOMELESS. Just put yourself mentally in those shoes. No chance to get out. No where to go. Struggling to eat. Always dehydrated. Cold. Wet. Tired. Constantly having to protect the few valuables they have. In fear.

Portland is and always has been a city of inclusion and love. Not this. This is privlage speaking. They don’t have a warm home to go to with a stocked refrigerator and a hot shower. They don’t have a bank account to buy things they need and want. Just remember please, these people are humans. With feelings and rights. Not just tents that make you feel uncomfortable on your pretty bike ride.