Wednesday Video Roundup: riding in Portland, Switzerland, Korea and more
Welcome to this week’s roundup! We have a lot of dirt riding videos this week, but first we’ll start with a simple short documentary (above) about Damian Riehl, a bike messenger/photographer here in Portland. It’s a promo video for Chrome, but it’s a nice slice of life. Here’s his instagram account.

This is a fun adventure video showing downhilling on very pretty terrain at a ski resort in Switzerland. While it’s really pretty along the spine of the ridge, my favorite bit is right after that when they are riding across the fall line of the hill. The scenery is amazing.

While we’re on the topic of Swiss riding videos, the beginning of this video is chaotic, but aside from that it’s a fairly poetic video about road cycling. Apparently the video is to promote Gstaad, Switzerland but it’s done in an incredibly low-key way.

Typically most of the cycling videos come from the Americas or Europe. There are exceptions, though- here’s a low-key video from Japan, put together via Rapha.

This cyclocross video comes from Japan too. Look at the beach segment, both the hard and the soft sand! That looks like a ton of work.


We seem to have many low-key videos this week, especially on dirt. This downhill run is unique because not only does it avoid having an audio bed over the top, but it also has a microphone on the rider, so you can hear his breathing and such.

For fellow Freds that follow the Velominati rules, this video shows what some of the pros prefer for storing tools and snacks- do they use a saddlebag? Do they carry a frame pump? Generally the pros use saddlebags for long training rides, it appears. Of course, Velominati says “we’re not trying to look like Pros; we are trying to Look Fantastic at All Times and just because the Pros do it doesn’t mean it looks good”.

I’m a sucker for the high-speed descents through a barrio in South America. Most of them seem to be in Brazil; this one is in Manizales, Colombia. Even with practice on the course, having the confidence to navigate the course at speed is impressive.

This video makes a good contrast to above- it’s showing a rider’s life while cycling in New York City. It’s clearly over time- perhaps a few months. It shows a great slice of life: riding in the snow, aggravating situations, and riding with friends.

Here’s our outrage video of the week- BP follower Gary sent this, showing his commute in Seattle. I’m always amazed when cars accelerate past, then swerve back into the lane to stop for a light or stop sign. I like Gary’s “chill out!” phrase.

This week’s honorable mentions: SRAM eTap (wireless shifting) promotional video, Part 2 of the ORICA GreenEDGE training camp, Specialized Demo 8 Alloy (downhiller) promotional video, low-key downhilling video, dirt riding video with a ninja plot (great bloopers starting at 2:30), “Cut the Catcalling” video from the Women’s Bike Messenger Association, PBOT: immigrant/refugee training (bonus points for several uses of the word “crash”), and Jens Voight in Korea (including meeting fans, going on a ride, etc).

Inclusion criteria: If I’ve missed something, post it in the comments! I prefer videos published in the last week or so. Note if there’s a specific point in a long video that is worth highlighting. Also note if there is colorful language. I will delay videos containing pro racing spoilers by 7 days.

– Ted Timmons, @tedder42

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