Lost at SE Salmon & 23rd: consciousness


Black ice. Did anyone see me wipe out some time before 8:00 this morning? The first thing I remember is standing on the corner talking to a concerned driver (female) and concerned cyclist (male). I have no idea how all the scattered pieces of my helmet lights got into one of my coat pockets, How my banged-up bike got on the sidewalk I don’t know, either. I thank anyone who stopped to help.

How long was I out? I was obviously talking before I was fully conscious (no jokes here, please, I know my mouth has a mind of its own). Anyone know anything? I imagine it was another of my single-vehicle crashes, but was I trying to slow down because I saw someone in or near the intersection? Was I just being civilized or law-abiding and slowing down for a stop?

The CT scan looked OK, but I’d still like to know what happened in those 15 or so minutes.

Dunno when I’m getting back on the bike.

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Steve B
Steve B
8 years ago

I didn’t see you but yikes, I’m glad you’re ok!

8 years ago

I did not see the crash, but am witness to those feelings.

Confidence is a process. Personally, my best recovery has been when I start riding as soon as I am medically clear and able to ride again (repairs might be a delay). Avoid setbacks by starting slowly. The good sensations will return.

Hope you’re out there soon.

8 years ago

Wow, I must have been through there minutes before this happened! I remember seeing (and feeling) a fair amount of ice from 27th to 20th. Glad you’re OK; hope you get your pedaling legs back soon.

8 years ago

A little late to the conversation but I’m glad you’re o.k. I’ll ask my sister. She lives around the corner.

8 years ago

Hope you get better soon!