Advocate: October PBOT Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting agenda

The PBOT Bicycle Advisory Committee monthly meeting is on October 13th at 6:00 in City Hall.

Check the agenda below:

Transportation System Plan Update: Stage 2
Stage 2 of the TSP update focuses on implementing the city’s Comprehensive Plan. This stage will focus on maps and classifications, performance measures (to identify how well the city’s proposals address comprehensive plan goals), looking to Transportation Demand Management and other measures to reduce traffic and parking impacts and consideration of how to manage automobile parking. Peter Hurley and Grant Morehead will discuss this stage 2 work.

TriMet’s track crossing proposals
Jennifer Koozer from TriMet will return to the BAC with Teresa Boyle and Jean Senechal- Biggs from PBOT to provide an update to their proposals for managing bicycle and pedestrian crossings of light rail and heavy rail tracks near Clinton Street.

RiverPlace “bikeway”
The pathway behind Riverplace was built as a shared use pathway in an era when recommended pathway width was eight feet and volumes of people bicycling was much lower than today. The crowded pathway is a source of frequent complaints about the interactions between people moving at a pedestrian speed (walking) and faster vehicles (bicycles) weaving through the crowd. Susan West from Friends of Riverplace will attend to lead a discussion.

Committee Business: Prep for November modal committee informal
A brief discussion about what accomplishments to present to joint meeting of Freight, Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committees.

Learn more about this committee here.

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