PBOT Bicycle Advisory Committee September meeting agenda

Announcements (6:00-6:15)

Vision Zero Update

Committee member hot topics  

Requested Letters (6:15-6:45)

The BAC will consider three letters. The first two are being requested by PBOT staff. The third is being generated internally by the committee:

  • Burgard Bridge Replacement Grant. Support requested for a federal grant to pay for full reconstruction of the Burgard Bridge near Terminal Rd in North Portland. This Bridge includes the two-way Lombard-Burgard protected bikeway.
  • Central Eastside Railroad Crossing Elimination Study. This is for a planning grant to study all the at-grade rail crossing in the Central Eastside that are frequently blocked by trains.
  • Consideration of a letter regarding violent behavior at the East Portland Sunday Parkways event.

World Bicycle Day (6:45-7:05)

Leszek Sibilski will present his project of getting cities to name a street or an infrastructure after World Bicycle Day. Sibilski succeeded in getting the United Nations General Assembly to declare June 3rd as World Bicycle Day, and also to recognize the importance of cycling as part of a general transportation network. The intent is to raise awareness of cycling’s benefits to individuals and society and translate that into increased funding.

Modal Committee Evaluation (7:05-7:30)

Francesca Jones will report to the committee the findings from discussions with past and current members and PBOT staff and share a draft problem statement and objectives for feedback.

 Maintenance and Strategy Subcommittee Report (7:30-7:45)

Joseph Perez will provide a report on the first meeting of the BAC Maintenance and Strategy Subcommittee. 

Next month’s meeting / future agenda items (7:45-7:55) 

Public Comment (7:55-8:00) 

Adjourn (8:00)

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