Bike-camping group Cycle Wild now offers memberships – and travel insurance

Lilly Rollby

A three-day Cycle Wild trip to Cape Lookout in 2013.
(Photo: Ferrous Büller)

The Portland-based nonprofit dedicated to using bikes to connect people with the joys of nature is doing something new.

As of last month, Cycle Wild has become a membership organization, and has begun selling memberships at the price of $10 a year.

Aside from supporting the organization and getting a formal stake in its leadership, the key perk is that members who participate in Cycle Wild trips will now be covered by an accident insurance policy provided by the League of American Bicyclists.

“We hope we never have to use it,” Cycle Wild board member Erinne Goodell wrote on the group’s blog. “We’ve been fortunate so far, but now you can rest assured that, in the unlikely case of an incident on the road with us, you’ll have help with medical expenses. We feel it’s well worth it.”


“A limited number of low-cost, sliding scale $0-$9 memberships are available,” she added. “Contact us if interested.”

The group is accepting payments by cash or check. See their post for mailing information. Another option is to register online for the group’s overnight trip this weekend to the cabins at Battle Ground Lake in Clark County, Washington.

I’ve never been a Cycle Wild participant myself but was lucky enough to run into them on a bike trip last year and can verify that it’s a welcoming, joyful group for people with any level of outdoors experience. Participants’ ages span from people in their 20s to (I think) people in their 60s.

Having nature within biking distance is one of the greatest joys of living in Portland. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy it.

Michael Andersen (Contributor)

Michael Andersen (Contributor)

Michael Andersen was news editor of from 2013 to 2016 and still pops up occasionally.

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Peter R
9 years ago

They provide a fun and comfortable environment for everyone from experienced to newbie bike campers. I’ve done two of their trips out to Stub and both trips have been a decent mix of personalities. I’d say it tends to be more “adult” oriented, but by no means were the two trips not family friendly. I think it was more a composition of the groups that went.
First trip had a family, 2nd was all adults.
The pace is sedate and they don’t leave anyone behind.

9 years ago

Thanks for the article, Michael!

If anyone’s interested, we still have a few spots left on our trip this weekend to Battle Ground Lake. It’s beginner and family-friendly and we’ll be staying in cabins — a great way to try out bike camping if you’re curious about it:)

More info and the link to register here:

Hope to see some of you this weekend!

Todd Boulanger
9 years ago

Cycle Wild is a great group and the Battle Ground ride is a very approachable ride\facility for novices wanting to warm up for 2015 bike camping. (Ring your bells if you pass the Niche Wine Bar!)

I also give the board of CW extra credit for doing the behind the scenes work to get the ride insurance…its vety nice to have…now if only there was a daily bike commute ride that had similar insurance coverage.