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Join us for Blazer Bike Night on Wednesday, April 8th

Posted by on February 25th, 2015 at 2:25 pm

Blazer Bike Night I - 2014-4

This could be you! We’ll be flying the Trail Blazers flag once again on April 8th.

If you missed our last Blazer Bike Night back in November, you have a chance to redeem yourself next month.


These custom stickers have been a huge
hit with Blazer Bikers.

We’re excited to announce our spring Blazer Bike Night on Wednesday, April 8th when our Trail Blazers go up against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Yes, we realize the T’wolves aren’t exactly a top-tier, but we picked this game for two main reasons. We know a lot of Portlanders have Minnesota roots, so we figured it’d be fun to acknowledge that midwest pride. Also, the T’wolves have an amazing player in Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins was the #1 pick in the 2014 draft and the experts are freaking out on his potential. He’ll be wonderful to watch.

Speaking of new players, did you notice how the newest Blazer, Aaron Afflalo, is a big biking fan? He wrote that he was so excited to come to Portland that he wanted to ride out here from Denver. And on Monday, Afflalo told Trail Blazers Courtside hosts Mike Barrett and Antonio Harvey that he was doing some bike shopping (at the 15:00 mark).

Blazer Bike Night is about more than just a basketball game! We’ll meet up before the game at Salmon Street Fountain in Waterfront Park. Then we’ll ride en masse across the river, down the new Jerome Kersey Bike Lane on NE Multnomah Blvd, then onto the Moda Center campus.

Everyone who buys a ticket through our special discount portal page will be given a custom reflective Trail Blazers logo sticker (they’re awesome!) and will be eligible to win a very cool helmet signed by none other than Damian Lillard. 300-level tickets are available for $22 and we’ll all sit together if you purchase them at this website (use promo code “BIKE”).

The deadline to get tickets as part of our Blazers Bike Night group is March 9th. Check out the event page for updates and more information.

Hope to see a lot of you there. Go Blazers!

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Sounds like a fun evening! have you or the Blazers ever followed up on the discussion you reported having regarding biking conditions through the Rose Quarter on game nights?


Thanks for sharing my concerns! My biggest concern riding through is right-hooks from people driving turning into the parking structures. They have flaggers, but the flaggers just motion people in (not really flaggers, just human signs). The people in cars are usually backed up, moving pretty slowly, and most behave like they are in a line in a parking lot instead of on a street: they don’t use blinkers, they don’t head check, they wait with their car across the bike lane, and (the scariest encounters I have had) they let passengers out in the middle of the road without warning- a scary way to get doored. Even biking very slowly and cautiously, I have numerous close calls. I do not expect the flaggers to be able to deal with all of this, a lot is just an excited, distracted crowd of drivers, but the flaggers could easily motion for cars to wait for bikes coming up behind them in the bike lane.


And now Kevin Garnett will be there too! It’s going to be a good game…!

Parker Knight

Sections available are 319($29), 320($29), 116, 221, 222 ($95). What section are you grouping together to seated together?

Barry Cochran
Barry Cochran

Got our tickets, but, man, that was a difficult process to negotiate. I think it was probably easier for David to start a Global Thermonuclear War in WarGames in 1983 than it is to order Trail Blazers tickets online in 2015.