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BTA looks to expand reach with ‘Advocacy 101’ training

Posted by on November 18th, 2013 at 1:14 pm

The BTA needs your help. And they’re willing to train.
(Photo by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.)

There are a thousand ways to improve biking in the Portland area, but the pros at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance only have time to focus closely on 16 of them.

That’s where you come in.

As part of a project to stretch their advocacy expertise further, the BTA is offering a free workshop tomorrow night to train people in how to make their neighborhoods better.

“This training will cover basics like documenting a problem, identifying someone who can fix it, and getting them to do so,” the BTA’s official announcement reads. Also at the event, the BTA will be looking to recruit new members into its Project Advisory Council. This group is made up of selected member-advocates who track various transportation projects and report back to the BTA.

Portland is a hotbed of effective citizen activism; but it doesn’t just happen. It starts because people show up, learn from others, and get involved.

This ‘Advocacy 101’ event will be held tomorrow (11/19) at the BTA’s Old Town offices at 618 NW Glisan St., Suite 401. Socializing starts at 5:30 pm, with a presentation at 6 pm and a Q&A session scheduled from 6:45 to 7. And thanks to a sponsorship from Old Town Pizza, there will be beer.

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15 thoughts on “BTA looks to expand reach with ‘Advocacy 101’ training”

  1. Avatar Joseph E says:

    6 pm on Nov 19th, right?

  2. Avatar Mike says:

    Is BTA only concerned about Portland? Why not have it in several cities (including Salem) around Oregon? Then you can have a bigger impact.

  3. Avatar Jeff bernards says:

    HEY Portland, is beer a requirement at every event? Do you think you can get through a 1 & 1/2 hr advocacy meeting without a beer? GUT CHECK

    1. Avatar sadlycynical says:


    2. Avatar Art Fuldodger says:

      depends on the type of meeting…

  4. Avatar K'Tesh says:

    Damn… I’ve got homework (observing an ESL class), there’s no way that I’ll be able to attend.

  5. Avatar PdxMark says:

    After the mess about the BTA flyer about transportation funding, I’d think that topic number 1 in advocacy is to do your homework to get your facts straight….

  6. Avatar Sam says:

    I agree with PdxMark. I’d be curious to hear what they think their advocacy victories have been. I haven’t seen that big an impact from BTA. Certainly not on the CRC; not on the misuse of funds earmarked for equity that got diverted to bikeshare in downtown…so, while i can’t attend the event tonight, i would welcome a piece from BTA on what they’ve done. perhaps they can post it to ?

  7. Glad the BTA is doing this, thanks! I hope to be able to get down there for at least part of it.

    Want a better city for bikes, folks? Learn to be an effective advocate. & bring your friends.

    Ted Buehler

  8. Avatar Jim says:

    Many times the BTA makes things more dangerous for cyclists. We would be better off without them.

  9. Avatar Dimitrios says:

    Mmm kay. Is this some kind of cryptic message for those with the special decoder ring? This is the first/last sentence in a persuasive argument. It’s missing the guts that would give it teeth. Please, share with the class!

  10. Avatar Pete says:

    They didn’t happen to videotape this, did they? An advocacy training class is a great idea, but having it accessible online would reach a much larger audience – though it wouldn’t be interactive unless a platform was used.

  11. Avatar Carl (BTA) says:

    Hi Pete.
    Thanks for the interest. Alas, there was no recording made of the workshop. If we choose to do another, we’ll keep that suggestion in mind. Thanks!

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