Guardian Management takes on two bike-friendly buildings

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One of Portland’s major property management companies is taking advantage of Portland’s rising demand for low-car housing by stepping up its bike-friendly housing portfolio. Check out all the references to bikes and biking in the news release they’ll be widely circulating tomorrow (emphases mine):

Guardian Management LLC (Guardian), a division of Guardian Real Estate Services LLC, picks up two new apartment communities oriented toward the low-car and car-free lifestyle. Linden, a 135 unit mixed-use community located on East Burnside is currently in lease up and will open near the end of September. Guardian was also awarded the management contract for Milano Apartments on August 1.

Although Milano and Linden are unalike in design and size, they share one thing in common: a love of bicycles. Both feature state-of-the art bike storage facilities, bike repair stations and a premier location for access to bike paths and public transportation.

Portland has a long tradition of supporting bicycles as an environmentally-conscious form of transportation. “Low car households account for more than 60% of Portland’s growth since 2005,” writes Michael Andersen, a news editor for

“One in four Portland households now includes more adults than cars, according to the most recent Census estimates available, from 2011.”

“Parking in the city is expensive, but deciding to have a car is often a socially conscious choice rather than a financial decision for our residents.” says Steven Van Zile, Portfolio Manager for Guardian Management, “Milano & Linden are attracting residents who want the full urban living experience, a lifestyle that includes riding your bike or taking public transportation.”

For more information about Linden and Milano, please visit their websites: and

Michael Andersen (Contributor)

Michael Andersen (Contributor)

Michael Andersen was news editor of from 2013 to 2016 and still pops up occasionally.

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10 years ago

Linden – 1 bedroom starting at $1265
Milano – No availability or pricing on web site.

10 years ago

Parking in the city is expensive? What planet does this guy live on? Parking in the vast majority of Portland is free. Where it’s not free, it’s still pretty cheap.